Nobel prize winning scientist Prof Michael Levitt: lockdown is a “huge mistake”

I would ask how that fits in with Christian teaching and tradition.

How many do you say will be infected?
What do you think will stop the spread of the virus other than her immunity?

It did? what was the number and where is the link?

No the model was the same; the inputs were changed as molre data became available?

Aldso please document the “social distancing” that the model models had factored in.

What you are saying makes no sense given the lead-up to my question, which was posed to someone else.

Good trick if you have to keep a 6-ft distance.

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And I responded via Message. Did you read? Did you figure it out? Or do I need to Elaborate?

From memory it made very little sense because you assumed time as correspondingly linear between our realm and the transcendent realm.

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