"Nobody is a fiscal conservative any more."

“All this talk about concern for the deficit and the budget has been bogus for as long as it’s been around.”

The only real surprise is that it’s being publicly admitted.

Yes many have said it. President Trump is left of what a republican where a few years ago. I tend to agree. Trump moved the republican party to the left, but the left moved way off the line, and centrists like me are liking President Trump policies. Attitude? Nope. Policies? Yes. However the immigration policies are the only ones so far that I disagree with. But there are way many that are good.

The $22 trillion budget debt along with over $100 trillion in unfunded responsibilities is a ticking time bomb. We cannot continue to spend trillions we don’t have, especially when that spending is outside the article 1 section 8 enumerated powers.
True constitutional conservatives have been saying it since the Grace Commission Report.

And I for one am very glad more people are abandoning fiscal conservatism. Our money system is outdated for our times. We have a lot of infrastructure problems that need repair. We have created an economy, no, actually a mindset that every thing needs to be done now. So people expect things to get done quicker. There is no more “well, we’ll have to see if we can fit it in the budget.” People want things done in a timely manner not kicking them down for future generations to deal with. And fiscal conservatives hold up that timely manner with their squabbling over who is going to pay for this. Nobody wants their taxes raised to 50%, 60%, or 70% of their income. Fiscal conservatives tell us we can’t create more money to pay for these things and we as Americans are tired of hearing "if the budget allows us to do this or that. That is why our economic system is outdated. it needs to be tune up for our needs.

No candidate on either side of the aisle wants to be the one to have to tell people they’re gonna have to start doing out without the things they become accustomed to even if the government shouldn’t be providing them. Being fiscally responsible will mean a shrunken military, a loss of hundreds of thousands of jobs in the federal government, likely means-testing for a number of benefits and a scaling back of social services. It sounds good on paper but when push comes to shove no one wants to deal with that reality. It’s easier to bury your head in the sand and demand your piece of the pie. This was one of the reasons I always liked and supported rand Paul for president back during the 2016 primaries. What he said wasn’t very popular, but he was the most fiscally responsible one among the republicans. The Democrats have never much pretended to care about fiscal responsibility, so they have little hypocrisy to show for it like many Republicans.

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We can spend all we want for the things we want right now, without taxing everyone into poverty to pay for it. The great grandchildren will pay for it. The only danger on the horizon is that people are having fewer children and grandchildren, so those future generations may not be able to pay their ancestors’ debts. In that case, they can default on the debt, or debase the currency. Hello, Venezuela.

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