'Nobody likes me,' Trump complains, as even his allies fade

What a ridiculous self-pity!


Of course it is, CNN wrote it and we all know they never get it right.


I was under the impression that the actual quotation is relevant, not “who” made the quote. And we all know that if CNN says it is Saturday, then it is just a “librul” distortion of the truth, which can only be found on Fox.

These kinds of “contributions” make your kind (Trumpists) next to impossible to take seriously.

CNN is so filled with venom towards Trump they can’t write straight. I watched the news conference on CSPAN. His tone was a bit more filled with humor than ‘woe is me’.


Not everyone is a ‘Trumpist’. I actually try to live the Golden Rule - as it’s found several places in the bible “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. Treat others the way you wish to be treated. Much more civil. You don’t have to like someone to treat them with dignity. Trump is still as much a child of God as you.


We don’t need a “standup comic” in the White House. Of course, the “excuse”, saying that it was just a “juvenile, locker room humor” is wearing rather thin.

But you are welcome to point out the factual inaccuracies in the article, and present the non-distorted version - and where did it come from?

Tell that to Trump.

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What a horrible mis-characterization of liberals.

This topic is so funny!!!

CNN makes so many assumptions, using words such as “seems” “appears” “looks like” and they ridicule and negativity into every single article about Trump.

  • Even his [staunchest Republican allies flatly rejected his suggestion that November’s voting be delayed, some actually laughing at what, by most accounts was a serious (if toothless) proposal from the President to undermine the election.

Actually many of the GOP leaders, know the election wouldn’t be postponed were not laughing at Trump, they were laughing at the liberals, knowing the meltdown you would all have.

  • The nation’s civic leadership, gathered without him in Atlanta to honor the late Rep. John Lewis, making the sitting president’s absence conspicuous if unsurprising.

There never was a plan for Trump to attend the funeral. For CNN to bring this up as a major issue is just an attempt to make Trump appear the bad guy.

  • Stimulus talks on Capitol Hill have proceeded almost entirely without his participation, and have been notable mainly for the disarray they have exposed among Republicans, many of whom were unpleasantly surprised to learn the President’s demand for a new FBI building was included in the final proposal.

This is completely false. The GOP have submitted four plans which the Dems have all shot down. The Dems have submitted zero plans. The FBI building is not a must have, they are willing to write it out. The GOP plan as it is will cost 1T. What the Dems want to add drives the cost up over 3T. In all reality it is up to Congress to get these things done, not the President.

  • In a closed door hearing on Friday, discounted the possibility of foreign countries mass-producing fake ballots to interfere in the November elections – a claim Trump seemed to be making simultaneously from the Cabinet Room.
    They cite their own article as a source for this one. That article has no sources except the old CNN standard “a source close to the administration”.

Once again they use their own article as a source for this one. The other has no source, a few public quotes, probably found on Twitter, and a lot of supposition with very few facts.

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Did Trump complain: “Nobody likes me”, or was that a distortion of his words?

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Do point out evidence that he didn’t say it.

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We wouldn’t want to upset those who take such care with their labeling.

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Please point out where I claimed Trump didn’t say it.? Of course you can’t because I never did make that claim.

Not verbatim. You merely asserted that whatever CNN reports is erroneous. This is again the kind of evasion that makes you impossible to accept seriously. Start to be honest, if you will.

Oh please! This is what I wrote.

It does not say “Trump didn’t say what they reported.” If you wish to read between my lines how about, “CNN always paints Trump in the most negative light possible, even making up stuff to do it.”

Well you must accept me seriously as you tend to respond to my posts. In all reality it doesn’t matter to me if you take me seriously or not.

I am being honest. I truly believe Biden and his handlers will destroy this country and I believe CNN is a joke of a news source.

Are you familiar with the phrase: “(not really) plausible deniability”?

I’m done. I refuse to continue in these ridiculous arguments with liberals.

Yes he is.

I haven’t voted for him but I still pray for him like I did for Obama before him.

I don’t think he’s not deserving of God’s love, just that he’s very poorly suited to be president of a country.

Trump may very well be a child of G-d, but he is also a child, an intellectually below-average, emotional middle-school child.

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