"Nolte: New York Times Wants Ban on ‘Sexist’ Air Conditioning." "Air-conditioning is unhealthy, bad, miserable, and sexist."

Cauliflower is racist too, in case anyone didn’t hear…


The people that work for the New York Times should not be allowed air conditioning or fans.


Everything is sexist and racist according to the New York times. I’m wondering if they have the air off in their offices and homes.


Susan B. Anthony must be doing cartwheels in her grave at the sight of what Feminism has become.


Well, there you are. We can survive warmer temperatures.
Cancel the Green New Deal.


Typical Breitbart – can’t tell the difference between the NYT reporting that someone else says it’s sexist, and claiming that themselves.
Or else they can tell the difference, and choose to deliberately mislead. Hmm . . .


So you’re saying that Breitbart - the whole corporation - can’t tell the difference between an opinion article posted on the NYT and the entire NYT, based on an opinion article in Breitbart?

You might want to go back and read the entire post.
a) that was one of two options; and
b) my use of the word “typical” clearly indicates that my opinion is based on a pattern with Breitbart, not solely on one isolated piece.

Hope that helps!


This is one of the dumbest things I have read in some time. Yes, people used to get by without air conditioning. Offices had fans going. Men wore those straw oxfords and super-thin shirts under their white suits. Women wore filmy dresses and kept a bottle of cologne at their desks along with a handkerchief to wipe it on their faces and necks now and then.

But they also kept the windows wide open. That’s why the windows in old buildings are so big and the rooms are so tall. Nowadays, you can’t open the windows and the ceilings are not far overhead. People would die in those conditions no matter what else they did.


some of the women in my office still do, maybe that is why they are cold?

I read about two paragraphs into that article yesterday before I realized it was a waste of my precious time. I already know I would be miserable without air conditioning and that the answer to the question ‘do I need air conditioning’ is an unqualified ‘yes!’


It’s called quote mining, or out of context quoting. I consider it dishonest, even immoral. But that whole Ten Commandments not bearing false witness thing is so yesterday.


Air conditioning has made us weak and wimpy :slightly_smiling_face:

Did you know that the sun is racist against White people? That’s why we are the only people who need to use sunscreen! :rofl:

Did you know that blacks sustain sunburn and UV induced skin cancer?

Far less likely than those of us with less natural protection.

That’s completely untrue. There are no humans that are immune to sunburn and skin damage from UV exposure.

Well I am at least happy your second statement appears to be taking a step away from the first. All people can be sunburned. White people are not the only people that need UV protection.

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I can’t even imagine hospitals without air conditioning. I would be sick to my stomach much of the time working in the lab and smelling the blood and other specimens.

Once in a while, our lab AC goes out, and it’s virtually impossible to keep working. It’s sickening.


Some people insist that we have all become soft and weak and that we need to go back to the days when we didn’t need AC.

Keep in mind that, depending on which study you read, anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of all Americans, including children, are obese.

This wasn’t the case “Before AC.”

Although some obese people are always cold, most of us can’t stomach heat. We sweat more, and have chafing issues. (sorry if that’s too graphic).

Funny how people criticize air conditioning, but I don’t see too many people call for an end to central heating!

I grew up in a farmhouse with no heat, NONE, in the upstairs where the bedrooms were. During the winter (Midwest, Northern Illinois), I slept in a sleeping bag on my bed, covered with 5 blankets/quilts, and I wore a HAT and MITTENS! Often I would wake up with snow on my bed and floor. Funny, though–I slept so soundly in that fresh, frosty air!

So why not get rid of central heating and wear more sweaters? (LLBean would love it!)

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