Nolte: We All Know Why Joe Biden Is Hiding Out Two Weeks from Election Day

Looks like they are pulling Joe off of the personal campaign trail.

I’m sure he will continue to do video “interviews” where he can still try to read his handlers answers via the teleprompter.


Can you imagine the political fallout if reporters actually begin asking in depth questions about Hunter’s emails??


Nolte: We All Know Why Joe Biden Is Hiding Out Two Weeks from Election Day


19 Oct 2020

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden has been in hiding for days and intends to remain in hiding at least until Thursday night’s presidential debate, and I think we all know why…

Think about this…

Joe Biden’s mental frailty, his position on packing the Supreme Court, and his son Hunter’s emails are so bad, he and his campaign believe he is better off hiding from the public than going out and campaigning during the final two weeks of the election.

First, though, let’s talk about how outrageous it is for Biden to be so smug and secure in his victory, so smug and secure the national media will campaign on his behalf, that he thinks he can sit it out, … while President Donald Trump is out there doing two and three events a day — while being president.

Never before in my 54 years have I seen anything like this. Okay, nothing about how corrupt and evil the national political media are in any way surprises me. Nothing. . . . Not a surprise. The media are basically running Joe Biden’s campaign against Trump… Not a surprise. . . .

. . . the media’s behavior does not surprise me. But Biden almost entirely removing himself from the campaign trail for days … this close to an election… Amazing. Who would have ever thought the 2020 Democrat nominee would make Hillary Clinton look like a workhorse.

Biden thinks he can win this thing with TV ads and media coverage only… I mean, on top of making almost no campaign appearances, he has almost no ground game. No one’s knocking on doors for Joe.

But we all know the main reasons why Biden is hiding…

First off, Biden’s scared of being asked questions about his obvious desire to pack the Supreme Court with additional justices — which would mean the end of democracy. That’s not hyperbole. If you appoint a bunch of unelected Democrats to the Supreme Court with lifetime tenure, that’s the end of democracy . . .

. . . Joe Biden has not disputed those are indeed Hunter’s emails.

Hunter Biden as not disputed those are his emails.

The Biden campaign has not disputed those are Hunter’s emails.

And those emails are beyond damning. . . . they expose Biden as a traitor and something akin to a mafia godfather using his crime family to enrich himself.

… Biden is better off hiding than going out and campaigning.

There’s also the dementia. Hey, the national media have been diagnosing Trump with all kinds of ailments without examining him . . Slow Joe is suffering from dementia . . . and both he and his campaign know it.

When you have dementia, you are better off hiding than campaigning. . . .


This entire Joe Biden campaign has been so weird.The guy’s a puppet and the way the Dems are controlling his every move is very telling. He won’t be anything but a figurehead If,God forbid he wins the election.


Joe Biden is trying to avoid accidentally making another truthful statement, like about Biden’s plans to ban fracking, to move away from oil, coal, and gas, and to pack the courts by adding leftist judges.

Regarding Hunter, you would think that the use of “Russia” as an excuse would expire in the minds of reasonable people. “Russia” did not force Hunter to bring his computer to the shop for repair, to leave it there too long, and then to have his lawyer ask for it’s return a few weeks ago.

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I’m not sure why people have to create some sort of bogeyman in Biden, or some saint in Trump. Both are old men who are slipping. Both are part of the elite. Both have seen and known scandals. Neither is a hero. And shame on all of us for allowing our country to get to the point where we’re choosing between these two to be our leader.


We all had a chance to select someone else. And we didn’t. No one had the qualifications. Did YOU actually like any of the Democratic candidates and think they were qualified?

And four years ago, when our supposedly well-qualified Republican candidates crumpled and even cried when Trump went for their jugglers–well, I don’t want to elect someone who can’t even stand up and hold their own with a fellow American who was old enough to be their father and didn’t have any training or experience in debate and elocution (as most lawyers do)!! Wimpy wimpy wimpy!

What we need for a President is someone who can act like a gentleman or gentlewoman while kindly but with nerves fully-intact, ripping an opponent’s politics to shreds with sharp and deadly-accurate arguments.

We don’t have anyone like this right now, and if we did, they would be universally condemned for “not being nice.”

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Trump will go down in history as on par with the likes of Churchill, a great peacemaker in our time. Let’s pray for 4 more years vs. moral relativism, secularism or globalism. At the least, we need to maintain control of the Senate or win the House.


That’s about it summed up. Neither are paragons of virtue or the devil incarnate.


How Churchill is viewed really depends what angle you are looking at him from, his reputation as a peacemaker is valid from a certain perspective. But then again he can also be viewed as an imperialist of a particular type as well, he’s a messy figure and not easily summed up.


I was a registered republican then . I voted against Trump in the primaries.

He wasn’t the most pro life candidate.

He should have been voted against in Iowa and New Hampshire.


You’re free to believe what you like, of course. But the simple fact is that we’ve all taken our democracy for granted, we’ve done a seriously poor job of teaching civics to younger generations, and we’re now reaping what we’ve sown.


No truer words were ever spoken. And I’ll even forgive the hint of ageism.

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The ageism is against me too! I’ve got fewer days ahead of me than behind me. :slight_smile:

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It is constantly amazing to me how the rest of the country fell down and worshiped Trump while New Yorkers, who would have loved to support one of our own, knew better.

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Trump on par with Churchill? I seriously doubt this. Trump himself would probably prefer Lincoln or maybe FDR (he was once a Democrat). No such comparison is very likely, in my view, And before you criticize, I can say in advance that if Biden is elected, he too is not likely to be compared with any of the above three.

I’ve wondered if it bothers him not to have the support of NYC. If it did I’m sure he wouldn’t admit it out loud (who would?) but I’ve wondered.

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It probably does. He was much more popular with New Yorkers when he hosted his reality show and he was a Democrat. C’est la vie.

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The issue is Biden will expand abortion and trump won’t.

600,000 aborted babies now and this number will grow when Biden codifies abortion into law and pays for it federally. Or really when the middle class pays for it, when good Catholics pay for it…

Not to mention euthanasia, SSM, contraception, etc that Biden supports

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I didn’t say there weren’t differences between them – I simply said neither is a hero and neither is a devil.

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The differences are major with Biden supporting such an anti-Catholic agenda. His support for polices that the church said are intrinsic evils is the difference.

There are no proportionate reasons to vote for Biden. If I am wrong, please tell me what the issues are that are graver than the intrinsic evils supported by the Democrats


Again, I wasn’t talking about which we should vote for.

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