Non-alcoholic wine?

Pax Christi!

Is there such a thing as non-alcoholic wine that can be used for Communion?

I had never heard of such a thing; a seminarian told me it can be used for Communion, if the celebrant or EMHCs are not to consume alcohol (e.g. if they are alcoholics).

Is this true? Or even possible? This seminarian says he is NOT talking about grape juice.

God bless.

Mustum, isn’t it? Not non-alcoholic, but with very very very little alcohol. Just scarcely enough to be called wine.

II. Concerning permission to use mustum:

B. Nevertheless, the permission to use mustum can be granted by ordinaries to priests affected by alcoholism or other conditions which prevent the ingestion of even the smallest quantity of alcohol, after presentation of a medical certificate.

III. Common Norms:

D. Given the centrality of the celebration of the Eucharist in the life of the priest, candidates for the priesthood who are affected by celiac disease or suffer from alcoholism or similar conditions may not be admitted to holy orders.

It is called mustum. A former associate priest at my last parish had permission to use it.

I’ll take a wild guess and assume that mustum is wine from which the alcohol has been evaporated. It is possible it is the stuff that is left over after the distillation of wine to make brandy.

No, mustum is grape juice that is minimally fermented.

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