Non-baptized Christian Marriage to Catholic Order of Ceremony


My fiance and I are getting married on January 12th ( provided are marriage is approved by the Bishop). He is a Christian but has not been baptized ( currently he is going to RCIA) I am an Eastern Rite Catholic but at present, I attend the Roman Rite Mass. We will, of course, be getting married in a Catholic Church. I have been informed since he is not a baptized Christian we will not have a wedding Mass just a ceremony.

I am wondering -
does that mean we will still have flower girl/ring bearer?
And will my dad still walk me down the aisle? And will we still have prayers and music?

Just want to know what aspects I can have to look forward to besides the joy and excitement that comes from exchanging vows!

Please advise - Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


I’m a non-Catholic Christian and my wife is Catholic and we decided on a Catholic wedding outside of Mass.

Yes you can have a flower girl and ring bearer
Yes your dad will still walk you down the isle and yes you will still have all the prayers, music and readings.

Everything around wedding is the same, you just don’t have communion.


Are you in the US?

There is a video that goes over the new Rite of Marriage, shows the procession, etc:

This website from the US Bishops is very helpful!!


All of that is up to you. You just won’t have Communion. The rest of it is up to the two of you (unless you try to do something truly wacky)


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