Non believer goes to Mass anyway

A good friend I grew up with is a life long Catholic. He told me he lost his faith in God when he entered college and majored in Biology. Long story short, he thinks Science trumps God and religion. He continues to go to Mass every Sunday because he feels it is a sort of therapy for him and he agrees with many of the moral issues the Church teaches. How would you approach this situation? Any thoughts? God bless

By the way, I pray for him every day:)

It is good that he still goes to Mass and is in line with the morals being taught. Hopefully he’ll realize that believing in God and trusting in science are not mutually exclusive.

This is probably the best thing that you can do for him. Otherwise, have you tried talking to him about how not everything in the Bible has to be taken literally, at face value? Consider: Does it really change the moral of Jonah if Jonah really wasn’t swallowed by a “great fish”? The point of the story is to teach us about obedience to God and to show us God’s mercy.

Of course, if he doesn’t believe in the Resurrection, or similar doctrines, then that’s a different matter.

Since he doesn’t agree with all morals teachings of the Church, that is a prime conversation starter.

Yeah he does not believe in the Resurrection or even in our creation as told in the Bible.

I think the University he went to was very left wing for the most part. Lots of hostility there against organized religion, especially in the Science dept. It’s really a shame that a few professors and students managed to completely change his mind about God.

He did not lose his face.
He found a problem which for him is unsurmontable.
He did not find the solution.
As he, in Biology, did not find the cure for AIDS.
That does not make a non-believer in Biology.
My father was a doctor and my son is a doctor. Both Catholics. We see no difference between the God of Science and the God of Religion. Actually, myself, I see more of God in the microcosmos and the macrocosmos than in the BiBle. When mu son was a young student he studied the cycle of Krebs (?) and wanted to put in the wall: he said “such a beauty!”
My Father always saw God in evry corner of Chemistry, Biology, anatomy. His funny prove of the existence of God was the fried egg. If you put it at the right temperature for 28 days, there comes a chick: “where are in my fried egg the bones, the feathers, the brain and the heart?”. He was funnny! When we least expected, he wwould break his silence with a “and there are people who don’t believe in God! Look at the nose that is put on top of the mouth so that it smells anything that comes into your mouth before you eat any poison!” And so he went on!

The question your friend has to decide is: “Is everything meagingless? Or has everything a meaning?”. That is a choice anyone has to manke.

From then, the interpretations.

What do you mean by “our creation”? I hope you and him realize that the Church has no problem with the faithful accepting evolution. We are not required to take the creation story from a literalist perspective. I think it’s silly to, anyway, because God doesn’t rest :slight_smile: Like another pointed out, such stories convey a message.

Great post, thanks:)

Our creation being that God created us, not the exact way as told in Genesis though.

It’s great that he goes to Mass, as long as he does not receive Communion… because he would need to begin believing in God and go to Confession.

God bless!

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