Non-Believers who Identify as Catholic, and their effect

I’m not a non-Catholic or a non-believer. Am I a good Catholic? Not really, no. Doesn’t mean I don’t believe.

If I may interject, and seeing how we are slicing and dissecting what is “Catholic”, perhaps a better understanding of the term “Protestant” is in line somewhat.

When I was practicing Catholic I also generalized Protestants as “protesters” against CC. Only later (actually here on CAF, and as a “protestant” now) did I learn the history of the term .

The term was coined by those opposing reformers (the state and the church), in particular Luther and " followers" in “Germany”.

It was not protesting the CC but a decree at Speyer where state representatives took away the recently given freedom of a prince and his “domain” to freely excercise their faith per their convictions and conscience, which of course was “reformed”.

It was really protesting the taking away of religious freedom, which we take for granted now. And I think such freedom was equally shared by lack of such throughout church history. The term seperated brethren I think is a very recent admittance (by second vat?), but certainly a sign of cooling hostilities by hardliners.

Huss, Tyndake, Wycliffe I don’t think were known as protestants but heretics or reformers, depending on your taste. They certainly were at odds with their CC on a few tenets, but not sure protest was the word used back then.


But I can use the word “protest,” the meaning of which was clear. Thank you for the information, by the way.

It is a frequent etymological error, frequently corrected around here.

Its a tragic truth that where you see the Church… there Satan will lie within. Because he has no care for the souls already under his command.

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I find that very saddening. Truly impedes many potential believers from learning further. . .

Several things, first, was there a question? I mean I think I know what you’re trying to get at but it would be better next time to spell out what your question or point is for clarity sake.

Second, strictly speaking they’re Catholic. If they were baptized Catholic, per the RCC they’re Catholic. Their identifying as Catholic, while espousing non-Catholic or even anti-Catholic view honestly is irrelevant strictly speaking.

Third, while my second point holds, from a non-RCC view, I can see how the situations you pose in the OP can be distressing for orthodox or at least better adhering Catholics. That “cultural” Catholics who identify as Catholic less out of any agreement or participation with the church and more out of a sense of cultural connection to family, tradition, etc… can skew the way the RCC and its more active and obedient adherents are viewed by the world. Honestly I was once in that realm you discuss about non-obedient or cultural Catholics after I’d drifted away from the RCC as an active place to practice my faith, but still identified as Catholic if asked at the time. My parents are the same today, they’ve not been to mass in more than a decade, and my dad hasn’t taken communion in 30 years, and both hold to many non-Catholic views about a slew of topics, but if you asked them what their religion is they’d both say Catholic without missing a beat. Only difference between us is that I got tired of the hypocrisy of saying one thing but believing another.

No. . . it was my observations and impression.

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I am considered a cradle Catholic, but no longer identify as Catholic in the world for this very reason. I am going to declare something that I no longer identify with.

I have a friend who is male. He chooses to identify as female, but to my mind he is still a man. It is not my official proclamation, just my personal impression.

I know a couple of people who identify as vegetarian, but who eat meat a few times per month. In my mind, they are not vegetarians. It is not my official proclamation, just my personal impression.

I had a childhood friend who identified as Italian. He doesn’t have a single drop of Italian blood in him, but he took on an Italian mob persona, and told everybody he was Italian. I don’t consider him Italian. It is not my official proclamation, just my personal impression.

I knew a guy with a Pontiac Fiero that had a “Ferrari” looking body kit on it with a Ferrari logo. He liked to tell people it was a real Ferrari. I never considered it a Ferrari. To me, it was a Fiero with a Ferrari-looking body kit on it. Again, just my personal impression.

A girl I am close with identifies as being 5 feet 5 inches tall, even though she measures 5 feet 2 inches. It even says 5’ 5" on her driver license and physician records. In my mind, she is 5 feet 2 inches. It’s not my official proclamation, just my personal impression.

The point of the parable isn’t to tolerate a brother scandalizing potential converts. This would be to tolerate grave harm when we could in charity act to prevent the harm. Jesus explicitly says there are times to eject an unrepentant person from the Church community until they’re ready to actually repent and conform to it.

“What business is it of mine?” starts to sound a lot like: “Am I my brother’s keeper?”

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