non-C do you wear a tatoo


:slight_smile: I have a small heart tatoo on my leg, I kind of need to add to it because it looks like smudge, what do you think I should do?
How do you like your tatoo?
Did you ever wish you didn’t?


Before becoming a Catholic Christian, I got two tatoo’s. One a Rose on my shoulder and one a Heart. I love them both and don’t regret having them.

Like you, my Rose tatoo needs a bit of “repair” and I will do that shortly.

Unless I run around without a shirt on, no one is likely to see them, and being a woman, I can assure you they will NOT be seen by most. Unless of course I head to the beach.:rolleyes:


I have a tatoo on my left ankle that reads “Take no thought for the morrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.”

My favorite line from the Gospels. Had the passage in Matthew that this comes from read at my wedding rather than the usual Love Is…


wow, that is a long sentence for your ankle. How large is the letter?
I don’t have any tatoo, I think my parents will get freaked out. :smiley:


I have an Icthus on my left ankle and I love it! People ask me about it all the time, some think it’s a sorority thing because of the Greek letters, but the tattoo is a great lead-in to tell people about the Lord without bringing it up first…they’re the ones who asked, after all :slight_smile:


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