non-Catholic annullment?

I read that actress Shannen Doherty and Rick Salomon had had their marriage annulled.

Doherty was raised in the Southern Baptist church. I don’t Salomon’s religion.

Could their marriage have been annulled if it wasn’t Catholic?

Perhaps one of them is now seeking to marry a Catholic. If so, they would need a declaration of nullity to show freedom to marry.

If I am not mistaken, there is also a secular legal process of anullment (which, similar to the ecclesial process, recognizes that a marriage never happened, for instance if one or both of the parties was not of age to legally enter a (secular) marriage).


I read about 15 articles on the subject and as near as I can tell the annulment was a civil one, not a Catholic one.

I guess that answers my question. Thank you. :slight_smile:

Yes, a civil annulment, which is different than divorce, because, like a Catholic annulment, it means that the marriage was never really lawfully entered into.

Examples would be a spouse who discovers his spouse is already married; some impairment like intoxication rendering the consent invalid; and things like that.

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