non-catholic christian coworkers charges

A few non-catholic christian co-workers said that the eucharist was idolatry, and that the word eucharist isn’t in the bible. They also said there is no need to confess to another human, and we should go directly to God. I gently told them, catholic beliefs are in sync with the bible, especially the eucharist ( the last supper ) and that the word trinity, despite being true and fundamental as a teaching, isn’t found in the bible either. Your thoughts?

I refrained from emotionally arguing, or any other mean behavior.

I would avoid any occasion for discussing religion in the work-place. There are just too many problems with it, on both sides, legally.

I said that I didn’t have time to discuss it, but the guy said, its no problem as long as we were both working. the conversation was brief and not angry. I ended it by simply moving to another area to do some other work.

Good. If he tries to do it again, tell him that you will report it to a superior as religious harrassment. Or, if you want, you could report it to a superior now, without giving a name.

Aside from his ignorance of catholic teaching, I like the person. I am sure it won’t be an issue, but we are friendly enough that there should be no need to escalate.
Aside from the work issue, how in general are we expected to handle the arguments listed above, as a matter of faith and doctrine, when in an appropriate setting, such as off the clock in the break room or outside the building.

remind them that you are all at work to do a job, not discuss religion but invite them to meet with you outside work so you can point out to them where in the bible our Catholic Faith is contained. But you had better be prepared to do so.

I would avoid it even there. It is better to BE a witness, than to witness, particularly in the workplace. Sometimes people cozy up to individuals in order to convert them. Being responsible for the conversion of a Catholic can be a big ego-booster in some anti-Catholic circles.

Many times it is easy to proclaim the truth to someone who is ignorant. But it seems in this case you co-worker is also predjudiced. Have him look up the circumstances of the last supper and Jesus’ words in just about any Concordance. Even Protestant ones have the true meaning of the Eucharist. Also, Eucharist is a transliteration of the word agape, which is in the Bible ( Book of Acts ). God Bless.

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I don’t know that I agree with the idea of not discussing religion at work. I’ve done it with fellow workers before and not had a problem. Of course it must be kept civil and not interfere with other work. Most often the appropriate time is at lunch rather than during working hours.

Inviting them to have discussion outside of work is also a good idea.

As to the specific objections - If the Eucharist were NOT the actual Body, Blood Soul and divinity of Christ, then they would be right. It would be idolotry. Since it IS Christ present among us, Body Blood Soul and Divinity, then it is not idolotry. Pure and simple.

There are many words and phrases not in the bible…Find “Altar Call”…Find “the sinners prayer”…etc.

The Bible contains both the authority of Christ to His apostles to either forgive or retain the sins of others. How can they do this if they do not know the sins?

For specific Scriptural and ECF support I suggest taking a look at Scripture Catholic. They have scriptural references for each of these things.


Yeah, meeting away from the workplace after work would be a good idea. Be prepared, and if the person chickens out, you will know what is going on.

i wouldnt do that. i would use this as in opportunity to witness to my Faith. obviously this person is seeking something, probably the Truth. we must act like Jesus, take every oportunity to witness to the Truth. even though these people called themselves christians because they carry the Bible, they dont know the Truth. you dont want to shup them up.

you could get some good website and give to them. let them investigate for themselves. direct them to CAF. we will take them here. no problem.

I think the issue with idolatry is simply that from his POV, the Eucharist is not really God. If that were true, than the way Catholics treat it really would be idolatry, by definition - worshiping something that is not God. So given his views, it is actually a sensible conclusion for him to draw.

I would just say, if it comes up, that Catholics really do think God is present in the Eucharist, and if that is so, than their attitude is not idolatry, but only proper.

So the issue in question is really why you differ on your beliefs about the Eucharist. If he’s a reasonable guy, he will likely see the logic. Pretty much all Christians agree that it is really wrong to worship something other than God, and that to do so is idolatry. All agree that it is also wrong to treat God with insufficient reverence. The issue in contention is a point of information, not a point of attitude.

As for at work discussions of religion, I think it is a judgement call. I’ve had really good discussions on religion at work. I was in an office once with a Unitarian and a Buddhist, and we had some very interesting talks.

On the need to confess to another human:

16 Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective.

  • James 5:16

I believe the bible over the opinions of men.

I usually answer objections right from the bible, then tell the objector that his argument is not with me but with the bible. That usually ends the discussion.

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