Non-Catholic Christians on CAF


Has your participation on these forums changed your view point about the Catholic faith or about any facet thereof?





Yes, the Real Presence in the Eucharist and the Hail Mary. Otherwise, I’m afraid not.


UMM, I have a better understanding of the catholic faith. I have learned some things I did not know and was shocked to learn. Overall, I am still no closer to being convinced that the CC is THE CHURCH. Sorry! :frowning: But I have found some great friendly people here to talk too.:smiley: and I am less judgemental or anti-catholic so that is a plus:D



In some ways I have more respect for Catholics than I did before joining this forum, but in other ways, sadly, I have less respect. Perhaps it evens out in the end.


No, I always considered catholics to be my brothern in christ.


From my vantage point, I would say that Catholic Answers has supplemented information about the Catholic Church that I had already picked up.

I have a great deal of respect for the Catholic Church but I am not convinced that it and it alone is the bearer of the truth. As a Lutheran pastor, I believe that we have the truth but that we are not alone in having it.



I continue to have great respect for the Catholic Church. But my participation here has made me realize that just as there are unapologetic Catholic-bashing Protestants, there are also unapologetic Protestant-bashing Catholics.

It’s very sad.


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