Non-Catholic Family member Received the Eucharist

Let me explain the situation: My father is the music minister at our church. During Christmas mass we were up in the choir loft playing our instruments. Holy Communion was distributed to the choir and musicians via a pyx by one of the choir members. My brother (an Evangelical Baptist, who used to be Catholic) tried to decline when they asked who would like to receive communion, but there must have been some confusion and he ended up receiving anyway. Is this bad. Is there anything I should do or tell him?

Your brother should not have received Communion. I don’t completely understand what went wrong. But just remind him that he should not receive Communion before being reconciled with the Church. I assume that the choir member distributing Communion must also be an EMHC, but it must have been a very large pyx that was used to bring Communion to the choir and muscians during Christmas Mass, unless you have a very small parish.

It sounds like your brother tried to do the right thing so I wouldn’t say anything to him. I would, however, speak to the EMHC and make sure that person knows that not everyone in the choir will receive or should receive communion. The EMHC should allow people to approach him/her for communion so that those who aren’t receiving can simply not approach rather than having to refuse the Eucharist.

I think she should speak to both her brother and the EMHC. While her brother did try to do the right thing, he may be confused now and under the false assumption that he is allowed to receive Communion. So she should let him know that he did the right thing in trying to refuse Communion and it would be better to stay in his pew or seat rather than to approach the EMHC. (It seems to me that he must have approached the EMHC. I don’t know how else he may have tried to refuse.)

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