Non-Catholic marriage question


I’ve called to make an appointment to talk to my preist but he had to go out of town and want be able to meet with me until next week.
I’m planning to go to confession and mass this weekend for the first time in about three years. My question is because I have yet to talk to the preist and get information about the convalidating of my marriage, if I go to confession can I take the Euchrist or do I have to wait until the convalidation takes place?


In my experience, I had to wait to take the Eucharist, even after having gone to Confession… I had to wait until after Convalidation. It’s a cross to carry because you want to receive Communion and your heart will want it soooo bad… but it’s very, very worth it in the long run. Good luck!


When you go to Confession, you will be talking with a priest – ask him your question about Communion!


I believe that after you go to confession if you live as brother and sister until the convalidation you can go to communion but I am not sure.


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