Non-Catholic pray for those in Purgatory

Can a Protestant pray for those in Purgatory? Are only the prayers of the Church Militant heard?

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Of course a Protestant can pray, for those in Purgatory, or any other reason. God listens to all His creatures.
God created everyone and loves eveyone individually like he or she is the most precious person.

God is Love.


Do any protestants believe in Purgatory? I assume maybe some Episcopalians/Anglicans… Wether they believe it or not doesn’t matter, it is still there and it exists. But I am curious to see if other groups could or do?

I was raised as a Protestant, and have come to trust in the Catholic faith. I unfortunately cannot become a Catholic as I’m married to a divorcee who refuses to have his first marriage nullified in the Church. He has his own theology I would say – his beliefs based on having read and studied the Bible numerous times does not fit into any denomination – though he agrees Catholicism is the most reverent and most closely matches what he believes – which leaves us both concerned for our souls I must admit. I know of no Protestants that believe in Purgatory. They believe in either immediate delivery to Heaven or Hell or they believe in soul sleep – that we are all asleep in the grave until the Second Coming.

Baptized Protestants are members of the Church Militant, which is the mystical body of Christ on Earth.

Marriages are not ‘nullified’ they can be declared to be null. This is a finding of a pre-existing condition, not an administrative change in status.

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