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If you have read my other post, you would know that i am a Lutheran looking for direction. I keep coming back to; “What if the Catholic Church is the true church”? So yesterday i started to pray the Rosary. What are your thoughts? Is it ok? And if it is, when you get to the mysteries, are you suppose to read the scripture, or just meditate on what it is for the day?

It’s perfectly OK.

There are some good little booklets which have an Icon or picture and scripture and meditations for each of the mysteries, they might help you.

Anyone can pray the rosary. At first you may find reading the scripture helpful, but it is not required and as you get deeper into the devotion you will become more familiar with the mysteries and won’t have to refer the bible as much. Usually, you meditate on the mysteries one for each decade, but you can certainly spend the daily thinking about one or two that stand out for you. Welcome!

I know a Jewish woman who prays the Rosary. (I don’t know if she pays attention to the Mysteries or not, come to think of it.) It’s gotta be okay for everyone to pray, and I have a feeling Mary is delighted to hear from us, no matter what.

It is entirely appropriate for you to pray the rosary.

Just meditate on the mystery and let the Lord into your heart mind and soul

Yes. Praying the Rosary is fine.

The Rosary is the prayer of the Gospel. It’s only been in the late 1800’s that universal literacy has been of any interest to man. Before then, the vast majority of folks could neither read nor write. So “reading the Bible” was not possible or practical for the vast majority of the population. The Rosary comes in two parts, like humans. We are composed of body and soul. So is the Rosary. The body of the Rosary are the prayers, which come from the Gospels, actually. (Not word for word, but they’re there.) The soul of the Rosary are the mysteries, which also come from the Gospel.

So, when we pray the Rosary, we are praying the Gospel. And what is the Gospel? The Gospel, summarized, is Jesus Christ. It teaches Christ. And when we pray the Rosary, we pray the Gospel, and we become what we pray, hopefully. :slight_smile:

Graces will descend upon you from your devotion to this prayer. Yet, many Catholics may hesitate to pray it, not knowing the concept of contemplative prayer. It may seem like mindless repetition, but the verbal prayers lend structure to our contemplation, and keep it focused. Contemplation of the mysteries of the Gospel message is the purpose of the Rosary. As I pray it, I allow the spoken prayers to become background music while I contemplate. You may hear some object that it is “vain repetition.” I was reminded that repetitive prayer is not condemned, but vain prayer is. Jesus taught us only one prayer. Are we to pray it only once? Saint Paul teaches us to pray without ceasing. What our Lord condemned was the vanity with which the Pharisees prayed in public - so as to be noticed and admired by men. That is vain repetition.

Here is something you might try: this blogsite has paintings depicting the mysteries of the Rosary. As you pray each decade, move through the paintings, which can help you in your contemplation. On the home page, scroll down and the collections of paintings are along the right side of the page. Click on the appropriate collection, such as “The Annunciation” and a picture of a hand holding a Rosary will pop up. Click on that image and it will expand to full screen. Then, just use your arrow keys to scroll to the right as you pray your way through each decade. There are 20 collections, which coincide with the 20 mysteries of the Rosary.

It will certainly increase your understanding and appreciation for all that our Lord suffered and did for us.

There is actually a small book called “Scriptural Rosary” that includes a verse for each Hail Mary.

**Hi themattman,

As the others have said, yes, anyone can say the Rosary. Possibly for our Blessed Mother, a non Catholic saying the Rosary would be like a non family member giving you a gift because they want to show their respect and affection. I think she would be very pleased indeed.

One of my two signatures on the bottom of my post here, will show you the address to the Rosary being said on the INTERNET from all over the world 24/7. The words are posted, and there are also pictures for each of the mysteries to help. It’s kind of neat to be saying the Rosary along with people from all over the world.

If you get the Catholic T.V. station EWTN, you can also say the Rosary along with some of the more well known people on EWTN several times during the day.

Either way would help you become familiar with how the Rosary is said, and the rhythm of the prayers.

Welcome to CAF, and to the Rosary.
God Bless-**

Mary is the Mother of all people Lutherans included, God has given us His own Mother, it’s just that for the most part we’re the only ones who want to acknowledge her, if you believe in her she’ll make herself known to you. There is alot of personal involvement in how you say your Rosary, so you can choose whether to read the scripture or just pray the mystery (which are really truths that have a mystery involved in those truths) by your own discretion and there are other ways too but you’ll find your way that’s right for you.

I give you my personal permission to make use of any Catholic prayer, devotion, book or teaching. The good music, art and architecture too. :smiley:

I would just like to encourage you to be resolute in your search for the truth. If we do that part, God will take care of the rest, leading you to where he desires you to be. God bless you in your searching.

Unbelievably, my Jewish Grandmother prayed the Rosary, and was taught to do so by nuns. Go figure. Don’t know if she paid attention o the Mysteries.

If you have a smartphone, there are any number of free or cheap apps you can install. Some actually have recordings of all 5 decades, complete with mysteries.

I used to pray the Rosary as an Episcopalian. It was one of the things that led me to the Catholic Church. A long time ago I was given a beautiful Rosary by someone I knew from attending Mass at an Anglican monastery in Cambridge, Mass. It had wooden beads, and small seashells to mark the decades. Unfortunately, it went missing a few years ago.

Here are some links to on-line Rosaries:
10 different Mp3 Rosaries, including scriptural Rosaries.
Contemplation artwork
On-line live, worldwide Rosary w/individual option

Several years ago, I read an article in Time magazine about non-Catholic beginning to pray the rosary while simultaneously many Catholics have stopped. The rosary is a very powerful prayer, and a person’s denomination while praying it is not important.
The rosary allows us to pray to God through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother while meditating on the life of Christ as proclaimed in the Gospel.

If you continue to pray the rosary the Queen of Heaven will guard and protect your soul. You will see it happen. Grace will increase in you. It will be undeniable.

Every time you recite the end of the Hail Mary, Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of death, grace will come to you and to other souls.

You will gain victory over sin if you persist in this devotion, and it is highly likely that you will become Catholic.

Jesus mother is your mother. She is more mother than queen.

The love that Jesus has for His mother He will share with you. The love she has for her Son she will share with you. You will be drawn into this communion of their two hearts.

YES!!! Continue, continue! If it helps, Martin Luther prayed the Rosary (that was kind of my “reassurance” as a fellow Lutheran–for now). I just meditate on what it is for the day, and I include the Luminous mysteries for Thursday instead of the Joyful.:slight_smile:

God bless you on your search. there are many non-catholics that pray the rosary. and yes based on time read the scripture as well as meditate on it.

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