Non Catholic religions.

Why does this part of the forum say Non Catholic Religions? What I interpret about this part of the forum when it says Non Catholic Religions is that we group the Baptist, Protestant, Jehovah Witnesses exe into the same group as Muslims, hindus’ and other religions that are not Christian. Just a question to ask, that I am interested in hearing answers on.

All of the religions that you mention are not the Catholic religion. Are you suggesting that there should be a split between non-Catholic religions that are Christian and those that aren’t? And if so, why?

I suppose you mean that all Christian churches and denominations forms the religion of Christianity and that a Baptist belongs to the same religion as a Catholic while a Muslim belongs to another religion. I agree with that. But since they only have one sub-forum for non-catholic religious groups I believe they think it is easier to write ‘‘Non Catholic religions’’ than ‘‘Non Catholic denominations and religions’’ or something else. The alternative would be to have one forum for non-Catholic Christianity and one for non-Christian religions, but personally I prefer the way it is now.

What I mean by that is we have so many different denominations that actually worship Christ, even if we all make mistakes in interpreting the word, that we end up putting them in the same catagory as the people that don’t.

There is more to add to this but I will leave it at this for now.

In the rest of the world, we would certainly categorize Christians and non-Christians differently in terms of faith dialogue. But this is a Catholic site. Most of the topics on the various forums here are about the Catholic faith and living a Catholic life. The purpose of a non-Catholic sub-forum is to keep discussions that are not about the Catholic faith from “cluttering” (for lack of a better word) sub-forums that are aimed at things Catholic. We are only “putting them in the same category” in terms of their relationship to a Catholic website forum.

Thank you very much. I get fully what you saying, and have answered my question. Can you please close and possibly delete this so you don’t waste forum space.

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