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I am sure this has been covered somewhere on here before, but I cannot find it…
DH and I have been married for almost 17 years. During that time we have done a lot of growing. We both ventured away from Christianity. And within the last 3 years we both returned. However, I have now returned fully to my roots so to speak, and returned to Catholicism about a year and a half or so ago. We have 3 kiddos, and two were baptized at the Presbyterian Church and the last one was baptized at the Catholic Church that I had been attending. We began arguing over how to raise our kids. I want them to be brought up in the Catholic tradition and he wants the other. I have actually stopped attending mass and have not been in about 9 months. I want to go back to Church.
What should I do? What have others done?
Jill M.


Welcome home :slight_smile:

Go see your Priest, find out what you need to do to be able to again receive the Sacraments.

Learn your Faith, let your devotion be an example to your family.


Agreed. This division need not serve as a point of contention or a challenge. Many couples of different faiths live in harmony as long as each other’s faith is respected.

Continue going to Mass. Speak to the priest about your situation. Lead by example and let your inner light shine.

As for the children, you may need to agree one where and when and with whom they go for now. But do not be afraid. All will be settled in due time with patience and prayer.

God Bless.


Thank you for your thoughts. I am going to have to sit down with my priest and ask for prayers and assistance to help me help this work out.
I appreciate all that has been said.



I will be praying for you. It is difficult when issues come up between spoused regarding religion and childrearing and you are dealing with both.

Certainly go to mass. That is your home.

Also, was your husband present at your baby’s Catholic baptism? Part of baptizing your child in the Catholic chuch is a commitment to raising that child in the faith.

Talk to your priest and pray to God.



I am Catholic and my husband is a non-denominational Christian. We have always had an underlying tension in our marriage because of this, and having children has increased this. Both my children are Catholic and attend Catholic schools, but every few weeks my husband insists they go to church with him.He did not attend their baptisms or first communion. It is very difficult for me to attend these events on my own when I see other families together. Good luck.


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