Non-catholic thoughts

Sometimes I have noncatholic thoughts. For example, after small part of video about “pope” Michael, I was immagining myself going to America and accepting Michael as true pope. I have also had thought about how would my life look like if I converted to protestantism, eastern “orthodox” churches, islam and atheism. I was wondering how would I share the news with friends and family. I know that these things aren’t good signals (they may indicate not thinking enough about God), but are they sinful?

I would say it depends whether it is an occasion of sin for you. To determine this, some questions which may help:

How secure are you in your faith?
Are they just thoughts that pop into your head, or are you entertaining them?
Are you considering them in the abstract, or considering doing them?
Is there danger that thinking about them will lead you to doing them?
Why do you suppose you are having these thoughts?

You may not know the answer to some of these, and you might want to discuss them with a priest.

Sounds like youre just having doubts about certain Catholic teaching.

Instead of worrying about converting, think about what issues are making you think about other faiths. Do certain questions about the papacy, or Mary and the Saints come to mind alot? Or are they related to issues were facing as a Church such as child sexual abuse scandals, declining membership in some areas, the perception of the Church in the media?

You have to isolate why leaving the Church is coming to mind, first, and why other faiths are entertaining your thoughts. Then address the doctrinal or other issues. But there is no reason not to confront of these issues instead of just worrying about thinking non Catholic thoughts. Our Catholic doctrine can be defended in all cases! And there is no reason to shy away from the sins within the Body of Christ. As the Apostles told Christ when other disciples left due to the “difficulty” of the teaching of the Eucharist, “where else would we go”? Despite the Church’s flaws , which are due to simply fact that the Church is comprised of human beings, there is nothing else that can even compare. As Americans we often hear Winston Churchills supposed quote that “Democracy is the worst form of government except for to all others”. Well, in the case of the Church , there are no sins that could ever make it worth leaving, because there is nothing better. Christ was fully aware of this and still declared that the “Gates of Hell will not prevail”

Don’t sweat it. Everyone has these. It’s part of your walk with Christ. God is not waiting to bust you committing thoughtcrime. You have to know not just why you believe what you do believe, but why you don’t believe what you don’t.

Look at Aquinas. He wrote the Summa by way of critical thinking. There’s no commandment saying, “thou shalt not commit independent thought”.

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