Non-Catholic Tradition


[quote=Genesis315]The entire Protestant interpretation of the Bible is a tradition.

90% of the Bible is tradition,Oral tradition and 10% written



What about the revival and being “slain in the spirit”. What did that come from? :confused: I converted from Missionary Baptist and never thought to ask where they came from.



Some Non-Biblical Protestant Traditions:

  • Sola Scriptura
  • Salvation by faith ALONE
  • The Believers Prayer
  • Dedication of Babies instead of Baptism. (Baptist)
  • Banning Alcohol
  • Sixty Six Book bible
  • Disbelief in real presence at Communion
  • Use of leavened bread at communion
  • Predestination of some people to damnation (Calvinist)
  • Racial segregation in some churches until recently.
  • Pastors appointed by local secular bodies.
  • Abandoning of Apostolic Succession, Bishops and ordained presbyters (priests).
  • Abandoning regular eucharist


Everything that one does in the way of preaching and worship comes from tradition, either Catholic tradition or some other tradition.

For sola scriptura believers, the only way to get away from tradition would be to do nothing but pass out bibles. Everything else, even so far as the scripture passages that are selected for reading at Sunday worship services, comes from their own tradition.


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