Non-Catholic weddings w/Catholics, attending and "scandal"

OK, so I am like the only practicing Catholic in my extended family of origin, and I am a little annoyed that the Church thinks it falls to *me *to suddenly take a strong stand against some scandalous act?!?!?!

So I have gone to the weddings… many of my parents’ generation left in between the borth control issue and V2 and all that.

The next generation were all baptized but generally either not raised Catholic or much was left up to the Catholic schools, which did not do a good job.

So now the hierarchy, *which tolerates so much bad activity on the part of so many, *expects *me *to take a hard line? Risking my relationships with my family?

I am ver annoyed about this!

And that, folks, is the sound of the ball as it sails over the left field fence.


You have some odd ideas. Has “the hierarchy” sent you a letter or something?

No, I knew that the general idea in the Church was for people not to attend those weddings, but it’s apprently stricter than I had thought.


There used to be a sort of dispensation for the weddings of those who had left the Church formally, bit apparently that was set aside in 2009.

St Francis:

Do you have a specific question or are you just expressing frustration?

I am expressing frustration *and *very unclearly asking: how does this make sense? How is this just?

Thanks for asking/suggesting how to make myself more clear :slight_smile:

I am not aware that the hierarchy or Church teaching has recently prohibited Catholics from attending such ceremonies - now, as I understand it, the historical perspective was that attending non-Catholic liturgies was the mortal sin of praying with heretics, but modern ecumenism has lightened this view considerably. I think you are just seeing the prudential judgements of reputable apologists and projecting them as infallible Church teaching. They are not. Go to the wedding if it means so much to you; Cardinal Dolan is sure not to say a word about it.


I must apologize–Yesterday was a really strange day which left me a bit emotional and then I read the other thread and the link, and misinterpreted what is going on, thinking that the Church was now expecting us to refrain from attending these questionable weddings.

I very much apologize for having reacted so strongly!

Well, in general, we should not attend invalid weddings. So, yes, one could say the Church expects us to refrain from participation in and endorsement of objectively grave matters.

However, the Church does not prohibit us explicitly, and there may be situations when pastorally we could attend such events.

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