Non-Catholics and Eucharistic Adoration

Greetings, all! I’m at the beginning of a journey that I believe will lead me to the Catholic Church, and I’m currently trying to learn as much as I possibly can.

I’m drawn to attending/participating in Eucharistic Adoration. I am blessed to live in an area with many parishes, nearly all of which offer Adoration at times that mesh well with my schedule.

May non-Catholics attend/participate in Adoration? As I understand it, it would be a time for me to pray, reflect, and give thanks for being in the presence of our Lord.

Thank you in advance for any answers/advice you might have!

Absolutely yes.

Absolutely. Spend an hour with Our Lord.

Of course! You are most welcome to attend. As for advice, I’m not really sure what to say. It is appropriate to genuflect (on one knee or both) upon entering and before leaving. Prayer, spiritual reading, quiet contemplation are all acceptable practices during Adoration. You need not commit to an entire hour (although that is great). Sometimes, on my way home from work, I can really only spend 20 minutes. I’d still rather do that than not go at all.

I hope that your experience will prove fruitful! :slight_smile:


Regarding what to do when you are there, I started a thread yesterday. There’s very few posts but you might find something interesting.

The only thing you wouldn’t be able to do is receive the Sacraments. You can do everything else. On my journey into the Church last year, I found Adoration immensely beneficial. I also found sacramentals a great comfort (crucifixes, miraculous medals, holy water, etc.).

The Church - and ultimately, Jesus whose body she is - has an immense attractive power. I said a prayer for you! :slight_smile:

I would recommend the following read.

It will touch your heart. A very real presence. A Christ that loves us more then we know.

Thank to all of you for your answers, encouragement, links, and to steymard, for the prayer. One can never have enough of those! :slight_smile: I’d like to attend within the week. A nice way to add to my devotional life during Lent!

I’m so very thankful I found this forum. I’m learning so much here, and it’s assuring me I’m on the right spiritual path. Thanks and blessings to you all!

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