Non-Catholics and Saints


I was under the impression that Protestants didn’t believe in saints. If so, why then are a number of their churches named after saints? If I am mistaken about the first part, please correct me. If anyone can answer the second part, please do. God Bless.


All Protestants believe devout and holy people have lived in the past whom have been honored with the title “saint.” Some Protestants (Anglicans) would agree with Catholics that the saints can interceed with and for us but most Protestants do not.

So all Protestants, at least, believe in saints in the historical sense and this is why they name parish buildings after them: to honor people who lived good and virtuous lives.



This is ironic because recently my mother-in-law (a Southern Baptist) and I were talking about Catholicism and she has a hard time understanding why Catholics name their churches after saints. I was struck by how odd it was that she would attribute that to Catholics only when many Protestants do the same thing. :confused:

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