Non Catholics being assured to enter purgatory


One may spend an incredibly long time in Purgatory for killing millions like Stalin did, of course.


One must truly mean what they say when they pray for forgiveness from the Lord, please don’t get it twisted. You’re right, empty prayers are not sufficient for salvation after a life of horrible sin. However, what good does it do anyone to insist on the damnation of a handful of historical figures?


It’s kind of a Catholic small t tradition.

Medieval iconographers loved depicting Judas and Mohammed being maimed or tortured in hell.


I don’t feel comfortable putting a limit or a set of regulations on God’s mercy. It’s a truly mysterious thing, ain’t it?

Imagine depicting such icons today, you’d be socially maimed and tortured yourself


It depends.

I honestly don’t think people would be offended by this:



Only because we live in an era where Nazi=Satanic


Yeah its called reality.

Nazism is an objectively evil ideology the Church teaches this - and Hitler is widely regarded as the most evil man to walk this earth.


Not in the same way as, say, communism


Certain types of Communism have been ruled objectively evil - Stalinism for example.

The individual components of Nazism arent intrinsically evil - Nationalism, Socialism, and German, or Workers having a political Party.

Nazism is evil because of the anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-human, anti-christ tenets of it.


I agree that Nazism is evil


Well thats very good - your conscience is aligned with the Holy Spirit there!


And in a few more places I assure you!


I will try to find where I did find it…


That is of course not true. There will be invincible ignorance in some cases, but that does not excuse everything. And when one gets to the point where that question is being asked I’m not sure they have invincible ignorance anymore.

As for why one should become Catholic, well to be closer to the truth and live as God intends us to. I do understand the point of view that we humans are weak and often think we would be better off not having to worry about certain things, but that mindset is a result of said weakness and can be overcome with the Lord’s help. And as mentioned ignorance does not excuse everything.


Wrong. There is no salvation outside the church.


I was not at the bedside of either man, and those who were there likely did not have the gift of reading souls/hearts.


You will be very surprised if you get to Heaven and find him waving you Hello.
Seriously, let God deal with it. You don’t have any idea what goes on in another person’s head or heart.
Worry about your own final perseverance and perhaps that of your loved ones, do not presume about others and hope for the best for them.


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