Non-Catholics & Bible reading

Do you read it?

What version?

Do you have more than one?

How do you read it

This is a multiple choice poll, so fill us in. :thumbsup:


Usually the ESV, but I also have the NKJV, RSV, and I like using the DRV online.

Usually related to the lectionary, or the season of the Church, or if I have a particular spiritual need.


Thanks Jon! :thumbsup: That was fast!:smiley:

And I do need to read the DC’s more.



I memorized verses that stuck out for me.

I grew up in an evangelical church., I have read the King James, NIV, new living, and several others.

I used to read it daily, Read the bible fully 3 times

Read the new testament and compared the gospals line by line.

Am no longer a believer in faith.

I have several bibles, including an Orthodox Study Bible, and a couple NIVs, a UBS NT, a Demotic Bible, and Brenton Septuagent. Possibly some others.

As for what, how, and when I read it, I’ll just say I need to read more.

Yes, I do (but far less frequently than I should be. Does the Divine Office count for this one anyways? :))

NRSV usually, (I personally find RSV rather difficult to read). For the Divine Office, I believe the Grail psalter is used and the NAV is used for passages other than the Psalms.

I have one Bible and one book I use for the Divine Office.

Prayerfully (I try to at least!) :smiley:

I have a Greek NT, a Latin Bible, and a fairly large number of English bibles bought over the years. The ones I use most are the Greek NT, the New Catholic Bible (which matches the liturgy here) and the NAB (which we’ve been using in our parish bible studies). I read from scripture daily, possibly not as systematically as I ought, and I spend some time writing about the bible and biblical passages.

I didn’t respond to the poll because I am a Catholic and it says non-Catholics :slight_smile:

What about ex-non-Catholics who read the Bible pre-conversion? :stuck_out_tongue:

I prefer to use the douay Rheims version of the bible because it was the bible translated from the vulgate that saint Jerome wrote. Plus I also enjoy the way it sounds when it’s read aloud.

I’ve read the Bible and more recently bought a CTS New Catholic Bible to read. I try and read a portion a week, which is about all I can really manage given I’m also reading the Qur’an and of course the Sri Guru Granth Sahib-ji.

I read it, but I don’t read it enough. But whenever I feel up to it, I like to reread the psalms to get them into my memory.

Guys…take note. This poll is directed at non-Catholics

If you are a Catholic who wishes to respond, I suggest that you go over to Sacred Scripture and see my other thread/poll.
Poll: Catholics and Bible reading.

Yes! I read the KJV and I have the NIV, NKJV, Amplified, & Good News versions. I read the bible everyday in the evening, and I have a chronological Bible and that’s how I’m reading it.

Yes, not enough

Several. KJV2000, NLT, GWV, WEB

Yes :slight_smile:

by the lectionary

I’m a Protestant, coming closer and closer to converting to Catholicism, but I guess that still makes me a non-Catholic for the purposes of this poll :wink:

I’ve read the whole (Protestant) Bible. The (Protestant) Old Testament once in entirety though I’ve read certain books (such as Psalms) at least twice. I’ve read the New Testament at least 2-4 times in entirety.

I went through a period where I was reading the Bible daily though I’ve gotten out of the habit. I should get back into it!

I own several Bible translations/editions including the NIV (Study Bible), TNIV (The Bible Experience AudioBible) ESV (Study Bible), NLT (Study Bible), NRSV (Protestant), RSV- Revised Catholic Edition, and the Ignatius Catholic Study Bible New Testament. I also use the YouVersion Bible App and other electronic Bible resources featuring many different versions and I often refer to the NASB, KJV, NKJV, and sometimes the D-R and NAB when I want to compare a verse or passage in different versions for clarity/meaning.

I like the NIV, NLT, and NRSV/RSV the best generally, though when I want to see a very literal translation I refer to the NASB.

I have read Tobit, Judith, and part of Wisdom and Sirach. Additionally I’ve read the parts of Daniel that Protestants omit. I hope to read the rest of the Catholic deuterocanonical books and omitted sections of Ester soon.

Well, Mormons tend to use the KJV, but I use several online tools that compare different versions, and let you see the original Greek or Hebrew. I got a Bible when I turned 8, and have had been given or obtained several more since then. I have searchable scriptures on my iPod.

My favorite part of all scripture, is Paul’s discourse on charity to the Corinthians.

My neighbors are good Catholic folk. They were in another state and we were watering their plants, when our area was evacuated due to threat of forest fire. We had some time before we had to run, and offered some space in our vehicles to them. I was humbled that they only asked for three things - their strongbox of important papers, a box of photographs and other memories, and their family Bible. I was honored to carry it out of danger, and to give it back to them unharmed when we were all back home safely.

I use the ESV ( The Lutheran Study Bible ).

I have electronic versions from LOGOS which includes Catholic Versions.

I read it in Adult Bible Class on Sunday and weekday class both taught by the pastor.

I have the Apocrypha in both Catholic and Lutheran Notes.

I have an electronic version of the Laudate.

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