non-Catholics: Give 3 Reasons you are here at Catholic Answers.


In another thread you gave 3 reasons in this thread Name 3 reasons you are not Catholic (yet).

Now I will ask those same whom gave 3 reasons to now give 3 reasons why you participate in these forums.


I like to read about catholicism and how it relates to current events

Same as above, but with current relgions

I like to talk to people of various faiths, especially catholicism


Can I do it in chronological order?

Originally, I thought I’d come here to troll. Not in the ‘lololol u suck u no’ hit-and-run way, but in the deeper and more artistic sense of shocking people into thinking a little harder (and yeah, I realize that last sentence sounds like one itself, but I really do believe it’s an art form :wink: ). I still don’t pass on many chances to liven up a conversation, though nowadays that’s more me being myself than trying to get anyone else to do something. I’m shocking enough to plenty of people without even trying – and oddly, I seem to get a greater rise out of people here without angling for it.

At the same time, as an apostate who maybe never really possessed true faith, I was curious about it. What inspires it, what it feels like, so on and so forth. I’m not sure I’m ever going to get answers to that.

And lastly, there are a great many groups of people who are often grossly misrepresented or condemned out of hand here, with few or no members to defend themselves: non-heterosexuals, Muslims, pagans, non-theists of all stripes, the pro-choice, and substance addicts, to name a few. I am or was a lot of those things, and for those I’m not part of, I think it only charitable to help defend them against posts that sometimes honestly wouldn’t look out of place on a KKK forum.

So yeah, there’s a long-winded and tripartite way of saying I’m the devil’s advocate, and some of you may take that literally. :stuck_out_tongue:


I originally came here to find answers to questions that my father-in-law was asking about the Church… Actually he was attacking the Church so I came here to find the answers to his attacks. Where is there a better place to find anwers to Catholic questions than at a forum called Catholic Answers?

I found the answers and enjoyed my stay so I stuck around longer. I found it not only answering my questions but also strengthening my faith.

God bless


Now** I will ask those same whom gave 3 reasons **to now give 3 reasons why you participate in these forums

I apologize I didn’t understand this at first. I didn’t participate in the other thread so I shouldnt have responded to this one. I missed the point of this thread, sorry.

  1. to learn
  2. to open my mind
  3. I come back because the people are nice

thats basically it! I don’t really come here for any other reason but those. I love to learn the gospel and speak with others.


!. To learn more about my Catholic faith.
2. Fellowship.
3. discussion/debate/defend my faith.

  1. I came to participate in a discussion of a response to the article in This Rock titled Anti-Neopagan Apologetics–the article was at best moderately ill informed about a variety of Neopagan religions.

  2. I stayed because:
    a) I enjoy theological debate (when it is conducted civilly rather than in the manner of an elementary school playground–I find that can happen here somewhat more often than in some other areas, but not as much as I had expected)
    b) I saw a plethora of stereotypes but a severe
    lack of actual information regarding a number of religions with which I have some familiarity, either through personal experience or extensive study
    c) I could use the practice in apologetics
    d) I find that it strengthens my faith and clarifies my reasoning behind some of the choices I have made.

  1. I am a nerd and my nerdy area of interest is in Theology

  2. As a Catholic, reason #1 puts me here! I like to read what Catholics have to say about our faith since there are no people around me in ‘real life’ that do.

  3. Part of being a nerd means having a nerdy since of humor, and thanks to the Back Fence, I can get a good laugh from things only someone familiar with Catholicism would understand.

4) I get bored, and there’s TONS of stuff on here to keep me busy.


Information, Inspiration, Proclamation


To learn about Catholicism from the horses’ mouth and not sources written by non-Catholics.

  1. Fellowship among other Christians.

  2. To share my faith and experiences as an Episcopalian.

  3. To debate beliefs, practices and history with others, but to also share what we have in common.

  1. I am seriously considering a return to the Catholic Church

  2. I have many questions

  3. I’m lonely


I want to learn more about Catholicism. I am coming Home to the Church, and I really think this is the right place to get ideas for areas of study.


Can I ask you why you would want to come back to the Catholic church?

  1. To learn, ive just returned to my faith and im like a sponge, i want to learn about her.
  2. Im proud to be a catholic, and want to share it as such.
  3. I like sharing with other like minded catholics as many of my friends are very religious


That’s great. The Church would welcome you with open arms.

  1. To see what Catholicism teaches (I saw. I understood. I converted)

  2. Continued learning about the Church, effective apologetics, and orthodoxy

  3. Spiritual reinforcement! It’s easy to do so many wasteful things on the internet. Coming here reminds me of what’s important.


I can’t sleep
I want to check out the prayer intentions before I start my rosary
Forumites as a body know everything, so why would I go anywhere else?


I come here because:

I am earnestly studying about the Catholic faith and wish to know more.

I have met some very kind Catholics who have fresh explanations for difficult doctrines

I am searching for Truth.

Why I’m not a Catholic yet?

Technically, I am Catholic in that I was baptized Catholic, but raised Pentecostal

I’m struggling with particular doctrines, namely Marian doctrine, transubstantiation, Church authority, and purgatory.

I need to be certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that to convert is the right decision to make.

  1. I Love to answer Catholic Questions.
  2. If I have a question about my faith I can ask.
  3. I love to share my faith

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