Non-Catholics: How has CAF changed your beliefs?


Has participating Catholic Answers Forums changed your beliefs at all? If so, how? Please let’s try to keep this discussion free from such comments as “CAF is awful and all the posters here are hateful and mean” or “CAF is awesome and I love everybody.”

Just beliefs, please.

I myself was minding my own business, trying just to find a thing or two out, and have found myself somewhat corrupted by the evil Papists who live here. :smiley:

I’ll start us off:

*Before: *Probably
*Now: *Probably not

Faith Alone
*Before: *Yes
*Now: *Doubtful

Scripture Alone
*Before: *Yes
*Now: *maybe not

Infant baptism
*before: *no
*now: *yes

*before: *who cares?
*now: *I don’t know

**Communion of the saints **
*before: *no
*now: *likely

Confession to priests
*before: *no
*now: *maybe


It has not changed my beliefs, but it has opened my eyes to a broader range of Catholic thought than I had previously encountered (which I see as both a positive and a negative). I have also learned a bit more about some specifics of Catholic teaching I had not known previously.


CAF hasn’t changed my beliefs at all. I’m only Protestant because I’m not Catholic YET. :wink:


you have 3 more days til RCIA. :wink:


I don’t believe in faith alone, or scripture alone now…

I understand more about Mary and have got over a lot of prejudices that I came here with…

oh, and i’ve got loads of books I’m reading that have been recommended that let me know about the difference between latria, dulia and hyperdulia…



My beliefs have actually become stronger since Ive been here.

I will say though I have learned much about the CC that I did not know-some good some bad but it has broadened my horizons.:smiley:

Plus I have met some great people here:thumbsup:

This forum has taught me patience and how to be less jdugemental and how to just LET GO and LET GOD:cool:

I think I have become a better christian since being here:thumbsup:


I started on this board as a person who was interested in promoting what we have in common. Quite ecumenical to say the least.
This board changed that. It caused me to further investigate the first two hundred years of Christianity and what can, and cannot be proven.
This site pushed me off the fence and I have just finished writing a book that argues against the Catholic position. I almost converted and I am, obviously, so glad I looked into it it further before I did!

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