Non-Catholics: How many of you are considering to convert to Catholicism?


Vote and state your reasons if you wish to convert to the Catholic faith.

How many of you are considering to convert to Catholicism?`


sorryto take you away from the topic manny but do you have an internet connection at your iraq base? and are there many catholics in the u.s army, by catholics i mean devout like you?


I’m sorry but I find your post is funny (in a good sense). Anyway to respect the author of this thread ( I have not vote yet) I would have said that I am already in RC. Convert forcefully by my own agnostic mother from Protestant to Catholic. I guess that is much better than I convert to Islam :eek: :eek:


There are 6 Catholic priests here, I know another Convert-Catholic Forum member (Steve Ray’s website is devout, he goes by the name of Catholic Defender. I know a member of the RCIA instructor is also devout, as well as a warrant officer. I can’t tell who is devout since I do not know them in person.


*No, I’m not; I can’t swim the Tiber. *

Can’t swim. Period.:shrug:


I’m considering it- a lot of arguments make sense and line up with what I have been concluding for the last few years on doctrinal issues- although there are still some hurdles for me, but the research is continuing- although it will take a while.


I am not, I am quite happy and secure where I am…I can’t imagine anything more fulfilling than experiencing the Real Presence in our midst each First Day as we gather for worship.

I have walked my own Eamaus Road…and found the One who shared Living Bread and Drink with me.


I’m considering conversion to Catholicism. I was raised by two parents who really didn’t care about religion, and so I was effectively agnostic. For the past three years I studied and prayed. I’ve only recently accepted basic Christian theology, so its not that I currently reject Catholic theology, but that I am looking at this moment. If anyone here could help out, I’d appreciate it. Are there any good internet resources you think are particularly effective?



I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Bible Christian Society. You can download MP3s or order CDs (Free, just pay $1 shipping).

Start with One Church. :thumbsup:


I plan on enrolling in RCIA this fall.


I can’t really vote…

The closest one is the second option but the word ‘can’t’ stops me from voting. It’s is not that I can’t, but that I do not feel this is the path that God wants me on. I could if I felt compelled to the catholic church but I don’t… Does this make sense?:shrug:


You haven’t listened to “One Church” yet, have you? :ehh:


Apparently ‘No’… What is this? :confused:

And before you answer we are already One Church… The Body of Christ does not rely on rules to exist. My hand and my foot are both a part of me but they have completely different functions. They serve me differently. My heart and my brain work to keep me alive but in completely different fashions. Jesus Christ is the ‘blood’ and the head of our Church. This is the Catholic (Universal) Church that Christ wants. Those that believe that He is the Way - the Truth - and the Life (Amen! :thumbsup: ) is part of His Church. Jesus says to believe in Him and we will be saved. That is all I need to know. Am I perfect? No. Could I lose my salvation. Of course! To turn from Him would be the biggest mistake of my life (both eternal and mortal). But as it stands now, I follow Christ (no matter what some catholics think) and Christ ONLY.:smiley:


Sorry, I assumed you read all the other posts before you replied. In post #9 I linked to the Bible Christian Society. He gives a talk entitled One Church that you might find enlightening. I sure did. :thumbsup:

God Bless you! :gopray2:


I’m in RCIA now. :wave:


The question is not worded in a manner in which I may answer. I have no clue as to what swimming the Tiber river is a reference too, and Hello fellow non-swimmer! lol

I have even had swimming lessons with experts. I have lead in my body I truly believe…which in turn makes me sink like a rock! I believe if I was meant to swim, I would have been born a fish. :smiley:


Swiming the Tiber is term used by Catholics to describe someone converting to the Roman Catholic Church. Tiber River is in Rome…


Ohhh, thanks! :thumbsup: I learned something new.


Made my peace with that a long time ago; if I were to swim anywhere, it would be across the Bosporus, not the Tiber.

With apologies to Cardinal Newman, “To be deep in history is to be suspicious of being Roman Catholic.” Love the Church, hate the politics.



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