Non-Catholics, if Jesus returned today

and told you that the Catholic Church is his church, what do you think your very first thought would be? How do you, honestly, think you would react?

Catholics, you might as well answer the same question – if Jesus returned and said that some other Christian church were his.

And how do you know this would be Jesus and not an imposter?

He had better be an orthodox Jew if he is to take his place as the annointed King of Israel.

Listen, the Catholic Church is Christ’s Church, he established it!. If he said it was another Church then that would not be him, it would be an imposter.

Martin Luther made the Lutheran church
John Calvin made Calvinism
King Henry made the Anglican Church

  • Jesus Christ made the Catholic Church.

well the Orthodox would say that Jesus founded the Orthodox Church and that He would say the Orthodox Church is His Church.


I’d wait until he will have told the Church what he really wanted 2000 years ago, and after he will have been crucified for that, I might reconsider some of my basic views towards reality.

IF a frog had wings, it wouldn’t bump its butt every time it hopped.

If Jesus returned today, I suspect there are going to be more worries than whether we are Catholic or non-Catholic, Kalt…

It seems that this is a question that no one wants to consider seriously. And yet it is debated (is the Catholic Church the church that Jesus established) hotly here, with both sides stating their views without hesitation or even a hint of doubt.

So how sure are you, really?

First off I would be very glad that I took the time to sign up for RCIA today! :smiley: And then if it happened right now, I would put a sign on the library door that said "I’ll be back at 6! We are closed until then!’ And then I would head off to mass. But I’m not sure my boss would really like that!

Perahps a different scenario: Christ returns with Leo X, Luther, Calvin, et al by His side.
Just a thought.


Your post made me wonder if some people would be rather shocked to find out who wasnt by his side.


First of all, the question posed is a hypothetical. When I hypothetical is posed, the rules are set. You can not answer that it would not be Him, you are changing the rules of the hypothetical.

Actually I am very curious how Catholics would answer.

As for me, umm…No problemo, My Lord and Saviour is the Lord Jesus Christ. If He were to say to me “Become Thou Catholic…then you’re on”.

It is just the say so of you all that I am skeptical of.

I’d say okay and go on with my life as I have my own Gods.

Well that is an answer. The person would assume an imposter because they cannot seriously believe they where wrong.

How about this ? - impostors can be mistaken for the real thing, and often are - but the real thing can’t be mistaken for an impostor. So people would know. This is not a mere human being we are talking about - so the possibility of mistaking one mere human for another mere human doesn’t arise. Jesus is a numinous being - not another this-worldly being.

Maybe the question is like asking, “How do you know a tailor’s dummy is not a human being ?” A skilled debater would be able to show - however speciously - that there is no rationally articulable difference between them; but even if there were no rational counter-argument left with which to counter the arguments, one would still not be entirely convinced - because being human cannot be reduced to reason or refuted by it: men are other than dummies, and nothing can alter this. The fact of it overcomes all reasons to the contrary. So with the numinous Jesus, and us - no reason or argument can overcome the utter difference between man, who is from this world, & Jesus, Who is not. The reality shows up all fakes. He can’t be overcome by reason, because He exceeds reason - what is uncertain is not Him, but reasonings about Him: for they are of this world, & they are not Him.


I’d say…


Since nothing else I could possibly say would cover it any better, “oops,” would have to do. :wink:

Not to spoil things for you, but wouldn’t it be a little late to change religions at that time?

All any of us can do is exercise the faith we have right now. If it seems that nobody is being serious, it’s because…we can’t. This is a hypothetical situation that is, to each and every one of us, an impossible one. It’s like asking us what we would do if frogs flew (loved that image…) the question isn’t ‘real.’

To any of us, no matter what religion we happen to belong to.

From what I understand, though, if Christ came and said that the Catholic church was it, then the vast majority of Protestants aren’t in too much trouble. Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and others might be, because of course the Catholics have kicked us out of the ‘club,’ so to speak.

If He shows up and tells everybody that the MORMONS are right, everybody is still in pretty good shape.

I’m not too certain about some of the fundamentalist evangelical sects, though. From the way those guys treat Catholics and Mormons, I have the feeling that Christ, in siding with them, is going to stick around only long enough to set the temperature on the hell fire furnace.

I would first think, “That’s a nice way to finally help them get it right.” Then I would say in my heart, “Let’s get busy and bring about the Millenium. Count me in, whatever Thou will have me do.” Then, I’d keep my promise and do it.

Now here’s a sincere guy!

He didn’t change the rules of the hypo and answered it sincerely.

If God came back and He goes to some other church or … it turns out He isn’t even Christian …

What would I do as a catholic?

My faith has always taught me to seek God with a sincere heart. Refusing to acknowledge God in this instance would be due to pride - i.e. not wanting to admit that I had gotten it wrong.

My faith has also taught me that Jesus left the apostles for me to listen to; as such, in this instance, I’d take the lead from my German Shepherd. If he acknowledges this God, then so will I. For me and my family, following who Jesus put in place is the best way of seeking God. :thumbsup:

I would tell Jesus I love him so much and fall at his feet and worship him. Assuming I knew it was really Jesus as your question assumes.

I am answering your question knowing without a doubt that Jesus returned BTW.

Hmm… I don’t think that he would. I think you would see him “clean house” a bit and bring forth his true church upon the world. Now I am not saying that the CC doesn’t represent his true church but I do believe that after centuries of existence in which doctrine has been written and governed by man, that Jesus’ overall message could have become diluted and altered to benefit others and not mankind overall. I see this just from reading threads on these forums in which so many Catholics put forth their own specific criteria to what dictates one to be Catholic and what doesn’t. What happened to Christ’s Universal Church where all are welcomed to sit at his table and that only God, not man shall pass judgment upon others?

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