Non-Catholics praying the Rosary?


I’m curious,
Are there any Non-Catholics here who pray the Rosary?


Some Anglicans do.


Some Anglicans and Lutherans pray some variation of it. I don’t know how much the Orthodox use it since they have the chotki.


I’ve heard that some Catholic converts to Orthodoxy continue praying the Rosary after their conversion.

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Don’t forget: Eastern Catholics pray chotki too.

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Some do, but I’m not sure how common it is. I actually gave a rosary to Greek Orthodox guy from Syria, and he was apparently familiar with how Latins(like me) pray the rosary. He didn’t object to it. I mean, other than having to change the Apostles Creed a little bit, there’s not a whole lot there that the Orthodox would object to. I don’t know about the coronation of the Virgin Mary, I’m not sure what the Orthodox view of that is, but I know that the Orthodox very well believe in the assumption, but like Eastern Catholics they call it the dormition. I also know, that the Orthodox don’t necessarily believe Mary was conceived without sin, as they have a different understanding of original sin as Catholics do, but I guess they could change that to something in their terminology, and be fine with it. I’m fairly familiar with Byzantine right practices, via the melkite church, so I’m sure they could work something out if they had some objection to it

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Very informative, thanks Adam!

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I prayed the rosary off and on before actually coming home. I went to a Catholic school and learned it there. I liked it.

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My prior 4th Degree KofC assembly sent plenty of rosaries to Afghanistan for a member’s son’s unit.

The majority went to non-catholics . . .



Yes. I started praying it a year ago after I initially began to be drawn to Catholicism.

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