Non Catholics? What bugs you the most about Catholics?


Telling me what I believe rather than asking me what I believe.


And that goes both ways!


Yes that’s common. On the internet.

Someone telling you what you believe.
Based on their experience.

Funny stuff.


everything used to! Now I must have changed because I am really nuts about the ones on this site and especially the one who has given me so much of his time in sharing his experience and knowledge.


Its funny or wird that some people view the roman catholic church as

“The holy mother church”

Its no wonder that people read the bible and then look at the Roman catholic organization and.
Scratch their head. And then go to another denomination. That the way it is.

Yes people can be “taught” to believe anything. Group think is a powerful answer


Catholics don’t bug me, just some Catholic doctrines.

Regarding the “Real Presence”, why do Catholics believe that the blood of Christ is found in the species of the wafer, and the body of Christ is found in the species of the wine? Wouldn’t it make more sense for the wafer turning into the body of Christ only and the wine turning into the blood of Christ only?


The substance of the whole Christ is there in both, but Christ did them separately at the last supper, so ask Christ Jesus about that one :slight_smile:


Of course, people can arrive at the Truth and believe not just ‘what is taught to them’ but what they rationally and prayerfully have discerned through the Holy Spirit is true.

I would venture to say that millions and millions of Catholics (including converts, cradle Catholics, fallen-away and returned Catholics) believe in Holy Mother Church as True in the very same way that you apparently believe in whatever you believe is true. . . we thought for ourselves, and we found what we were taught was indeed true.

As for the rest, in most cases, they just haven’t had the opportunity to do that work; they’re young and have other concerns, they’re too busy right now, they were told they ‘didn’t have to’, they’re intellectually lazy --but again, that is ‘right now’. Most of them will sooner or later, especially with prayer and good example, come to intellectual assent. At least as many as cradle Protestants, anyway. Sauce for the goose. . .

You might find that a ‘head scratcher’ but then again, I find it puzzling that somebody who was brought up Catholic would ‘leave the faith’ for something less than true. I honor them for having the integrity to ‘leave’ rather than to simply ‘stay put’ while not actually doing, saying, or believing the Catholic faith–we’ve had enough damage to the Catholic community through self-described “Catholics’ who do NOT believe in the Church or her teaching and who present their own wrong beliefs as 'authentically Catholic” or “well I’M a Catholic and I say that abortion/gay marriage/women priests are perfectly FINE and you have to accept that Catholics can believe that since I’M a Catholic and I BELIEVE it”, etc.


Yes its interesting . about the real presence. Only accurs . If you have . a valid or apostolic priesthood.
And you would think that . would be what mark 16"16-20 .
These signs following.

As there are many Christians seeking signs following. Huh


Well John 6:56 says “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me and I in him.”

Were the verse rewritten to conform with current RCC practice and belief it would have to be something like: “Whoever eats my flesh and my blood or drinks my flesh and my blood remains in me and I in him”.


If there’s anything that bugs me, I can easily find it in non-Catholics.


Even more importantly, in four places we read, “take, eat. This is my body…”


The main point is Christ subsists fully in both species, the bread or the wine.

Wherever Christ is, there too is his body and blood.

Christ is the wine, so his body and blood are there.
Christ is the bread, so his body and blood are there too.


I understand concomitance , but even in John6, He says to do both.


The most egregious think IMO, is the attempt to redefine “TRUTH”

Logic, the dictionary & Moral theology hold to the position that TRUTH can only be singular per defined issue; and yet there are GREAT NUMBER of protestant churches; each holding its OWN understanding of what the “Bible [truth]” actually is.

Pope Benedict XVI [one of the greatest Theologians of our times] that " THERE CANNOT BE YOUR TRUTH AND MY TRUTH OR THERE WOULD NE NO TRUTH".

Yet I have been told there their can be your “truth & my truth”

The Bible clearly teaches that their IS and CAN be only One True Faith & Church; so if the RCC is NOT that “One”’ then which among the many other Christian faiths is?

Dictionary Definition of “Truth”

  1. The true or actual state of a matter:
    conformity with fact or reality; verity: the truth of a statement
  2. a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, principle, or the like mathematical truths.
  3. the state or character of being true.
  4. actuality or actual existence.
  5. an obvious or accepted fact; truism; platitude.
  6. honesty; integrity; truthfulness.
  7. (often initial capital letter) ideal or fundamental reality apart from and
    transcending perceived experience:
  8. agreement with a standard or original.
    9… accuracy, as of position or adjustment.
  9. Archaic. Fidelity or constancy. End quotes

In Georges Bernanos’ Diary of a Country Priest, the elderly Curé de Torcy gives his young priest friend a bit of advice about proclaiming the Gospel: “The Word of God is a red-hot iron,” he says. “Truth is meant to save you first, and the comfort comes later.”

May God Bless you & guide your path




Is it on disciplines or doctrines?


They are all a bunch of sinners!
(But maybe this is normal.)

Fighting amongst themselves, as can be witnessed on this forum does not impress me either.

The saints aren’t so bad. Almost likable, even.


The assumption made by a very small minority of Catholics (and presumably any other faith, so it’s not exclusive) that as I do not believe in a God, my life is empty and has no meaning.


Most catholics I’ve met so far have been lovely, but you find the odd one.

I suppose my main beef at this point is the fact catholicism teaches people to follow the bible/teachings of the church and provides a morality for people to follow, which can be used in the highest way but is more often (from what I’ve seen so far) used to justify a lack of love, understanding and mercy for others.

I will point out that on the whole, catholic clergy don’t seem to do this, but some laypeople do.

I have serious issues with that. Jesus wouldn’t have wanted that and I’m not sure why the church still allows this by enforcing policies that are so easy to misuse. Clinging to tradition is OK, following doctrine is OK, but not at the expense of peoples lives or happiness. They keep saying “this is god’s command” but…I think God gave us free will. And anyway, did Jesus follow the religious commands of his time? Heck no! He was a rebel! He followed love.

That’s my major issue, which I’m sure will earn me a bucketful of angry comments LOL. I’m not trying to make catholics wrong. (READ that LOL, I’m not saying you’re automatically wrong. I just don’t agree! :slight_smile: ) I love many aspects of catholicism and people can obviously do as they wish, I’m just saying that I could never justify this at the pearly gates. HOW someone could make such an argument before moral perfection I don’t know. I’d be ashamed to BREATHE in St. Peter’s presence if I refused to halt AIDS!

That’s my beef. I’m still reading and learning, who knows I might change my mind, but I can’t see it happening :wink:

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