Non Catholics? What bugs you the most about Catholics?


I get real tired of Catholics who seem to love stating that Protestants cannot be in touch with the Holy Spirit at all since they hold different views from the CC and have different viewpoints between themselves on some items. I was responding to the information given that within the CC currently there is differing views on even Catholic doctrinal issues so I suggested that perhaps the Protestants do not have a monopoly on that as is often suggested.

I really believe that within the non-Catholic realm the core doctrinal stance as for instance given in the Apostles Creed, is 100% shared except for those cults who do not recognize Jesus. In this there is unity. In the so called disciplines or applications there is diversity within cultures, traditions and preferences. Does this mean the Holy Spirit is confused or that the people really are not truly led by the Holy Spirit? If it does, then the Catholic Church also has the same issues and currently huge issues, from the top to the bottom. We are in the same boat whether we want to be or not.


Wow well spoken. People do use religion to describe their failures.
Gee everyone is a sinner. Etc etc


Their incompetence at educating and motivating their youth.

Edit: Though I suppose this is just a flaw of humans, not Catholics.


That the majority of them today seem to be willing to compromise their religion for the sake of conformity with the post Modern world.

Their cognitive dissonance when their doctrines of indefectability and papal infallibility are challenged.


Funny. She is one of the main reasons I could never ever part with my Catholic faith. A Christian without the Virgin is an orphan! I would be completely devastated without my Queen.


Oh yeah, and compromising their religion for the sake of conformity with their political party.


Rather pervasive in mainstream Protestant communions, as well.


To reiterate this point of mine, I am starting to get repulsed at how dishonest they can get when trying to save face of the papacy. To think I once considered joining this religion of loopholes.


What is indefectability?

I assume you mean free of faults or failings. Oh, any person has those. Catholics need not defend against that concerning the Pope.


Catholics claim it means that the church will never defect, from the time it was founded (they say by Christ himself), it will always retain its essential characteristics and ‘infallible’ teachings, and that the Apostolic See (Rome) specifically will never fall into apostasy. What it actually means is that the Catholic Church can contradict itself and still remain the Catholic Church.


Cafeteria catholics are quite annoying. Especially since they think they love God with their presumptuous lifestyles.


This might be a good topic for a thread, it seems.


Most of the stuff on here, excluding the comments about Mary and the Pope/ papal infallibility, is pervasive in Protestant communities also. I have quite a few relatives of several different Protestant denominations, so I get to see it first hand.


Maybe I would’ve, if I wasn’t so fed up with discussing this topic on other threads.


I can understand that you say Catholics has the same issues of disagreeing on discipline/aaplication. I mention application to quote you.

What do you mean by disagreeing and when you do, do you go ahead and ‘practice’ what you believe is right?


You will have to give me more to go on. I don’t see where I used the term “disagree.”


OK then. I think it is holdng different view. How about those who hold different views, do they practice whatever that different views are and therefore have different practices? Would that amount to disagreement?

You said, " … they hold different views from the CC and have different viewpoints between themselves on some items."


You seem to be mixing two different posts and I m not sure what you are asking?


Sorry to confuse you. I referred to this post.

You were referring to Protestants having different view despite claiming to be guided by the Holy Spirit.

My question was:

(1) Is the different view on doctrine or is it on discipline?

(2) Do they practice this different view anyway?

Cradle Catholic here who is not exposed very much to non-Catholic Christianity. My apology if those questions do not make sense to you.


Educating, heck yeah, Catholics seem to be pretty bad in this area. Motivating? Hmmm. World Youth Day is impressive. But many of those are Young Catholics who are actually engaged in their faith.

All in all, you are right though.

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