Non Catholics? What bugs you the most about Catholics?


Only Catholics can trace their Church all the way to St. Peter, the Church which Jesus founded. Basic Catholic belief. If they were Evangelicals, so be it, since they follow Jesus’ Command to bring the Gospel to the world.

No other churches on the surface of this earth can claim this distinction.


Are you accusing the Catholic Church of having a form of ‘religious’ (sic) --do you mean ‘religion’ here? and of 'lacking the power of God?

May I recommend to you the fine book series by Warren Carroll on “A History of Christendom?” Before anyone criticizes the Church on what it (according to them) does ‘wrong’ or ‘should do but doesn’t’, I think they should be required to know more details that snippets from web sites and cherry picked articles and quotes from anti-Catholic sources, or their own personal opinions garnered from their limited and fallible interpretation of Scripture (something St. Peter warned against anyway).


If you don’t think Catholics are evangelical (an increasingly nebulous term by most accounts), then yes, it’s very much a matter of how you define it because it is from your applied definition that you even make that statement…

Sure. Hazard of using a forum.

On the flip side, some folks simply will not learn. For example, as far as my dad was concerned Catholics worshiped Mary. Didn’t matter what refuting publication from the Church or anywhere you showed him; he’d made up his mind. Facts be darned.

I don’t agree. I think a lot of Catholics view the marketing aspects of general Evangelicalism as something we should probably do more of.


“A man, his bible and The Spirit” has produced tens of thousands of competing “truths”.

On its own, it’s obviously an insufficient methodology. Thank God that Christ established a visible Church to begin with…


So it would seem. But the holy spirit generally is not confused… As his ministry is to lead you in all truth.

But when Mary and the dead saints ministry is to teach their wisdom.
And Mary has people put up statue s. And pray to and threw. Them.
To discover their truth…
Like Teresa of averla. And the hidden castle rooms


I am Catholic but I wish that Catholics were a bit more friendly and welcoming in generally at Church. Seems that Protestants do better in this area overall.


There’s an immense amount to respect and admire, and I am seriously investigating Catholicism, but if I must discuss what bugs me…

  1. Education in the faith isn’t working too well. You have an amazing body of theology, philosophy, history, culture, art, and teaching, and so few of you seem to know much about any of it.

  2. The most devout, observant Catholics can be quite insulated from anything going on outside the church.

  3. The hierarchy needs to have a comprehensive, enforceable, binding, worldwide document that details how Bishops or other clergy must handle allegations of sexual abuse. This document should also detail procedures and consequences within the church for those who don’t follow the document.

Don’t get me wrong; I think the steps American Catholics have taken in the wake of the clergy abuse scandals make children safer in a Catholic Church, or at a Catholic activity, than they are most anywhere else. But I also think the Dallas Charter was only a good first step and that there should be 1) consequences for American Bishops who don’t follow it, and 2) a binding, worldwide document.


As a Catholic, I completely agree with you on your three points.

I think education in the faith has always been a problem. It’s a shame that the last most people see of religious education is Confirmation classes around 14 years old. I think there needs to be more homilies about hardcore nuts and bolts of the faith. That doesn’t happen very often. At least in my diocese.

But all of these are externals and don’t invalidate the Church. Not that I’m saying the sexual abuse crisis in the Church was a small deal. It was a crying shame, and as a Catholic I apologize sincerely for those who did it. But it doesn’t mean the Catholic Church doesn’t teach the truth.

You will hear Catholics complaining as well about the problems you have with the Church. I’ve seen multiple threads about insulated Catholics and the lack of religious education on this forum. And I’ve got a feeling we’ll see more of them. Because that problem is out there.


I’m what would be considered traditional. I don’t like how so many Catholics consider the Latin Mass to be traditional, for it is rather historical. Before you lose your stuff, hear me out. Tradition is about keeping the faith and traditions and doctrines that were passed down from the apostles and the church fathers alive, not about celebrating the Latin mass.

I love the Latin mass, in fact I think it’s great, but it isn’t the type of tradition that needs to be more emphasized. Where do the disciples teach that the mass is to be said in Latin? Where do the Church Fathers say that the mass is to be said in Latin?

The Latin mass IS traditional in a different context (confusing right?). It is traditional in the sense that it has been said since 1570, saints heard it (but of course latin was a language they understood), the attendees at a Latin mass care about tradition (the church father and apostle kind of tradition, not historical tradition), etc.

Ok I think I’m probably confusing people, but here is my theology. The Latin mass should be considered historical so people won’t have a distorted vision of Christian tradition (church father+apostle teaching tradition). There needs to be an emphasis on Christian tradition in English mass especially. The Latin mass is great if it suits you, but if you prefer the English mass (for whatever reason), there is no shame in that.


Yes education of how to function as a catholic is lacking. By design.people are “dumbed” down.
Believe it or not.
It is easer to manage


It’s funny you should mention that, because that bugs Catholics about Catholics.


I think Arabic is a great liturgical language, it’s too bad that people think Arabic equals Muslim. That’s one thing that bugs me about a lot of Catholics, is they don’t seem to understand that a lot of Catholics have never used Latin as a liturgical language. In fact, millions of Eastern Catholics. I’m not bashing Latin though, if you like Latin that’s cool.


Totally respect that! I just can’t bring myself to read Arabic characters right to left instead if left to right :neutral_face:


I can’t read it at all, I barely speak it it’s hard to follow along sometimes. But, that’s largely Byzantine liturgy in general, although it’s fairly easy for me now because I’ve been doing it for a while. I’m a visitor, but I do like going to it. I went to a Maronite liturgy once, it was in Arabic, Syriac, and English. That was interesting. I like how the Maronites always have the consecration of the Eucharist, in Syriac, that is awesome to me.


Emotional behavior coming from men. Like - omg, pope Francis is evil, versus… omg, I wanna kiss his feet! The man asked you to pray for him ok? He doesn’t self worship.
Same thing bothers me at my Orthodox brothers who obsess against or for some bishop. And they write blogs and some have an “army” of enchanted sisters sighing in adoration for the said new “prophet”, literally fighting for him with anyone who disagrees. It is disheartening to see men behaving like us women at our worst when…hmhmhm… naturally they should be rational leaders, temper us down. I am pretty sure that certain biblical characters with strong attitudes like Saint Elli, Moses, John the Baptist, usual mentioned as “what would Elli do/say in this situation? surely now is the time for battle brethren. Great sister warriors fill in the first lines if attack” sound hystherical in the written word but were not hystherical at all. I wish all these angry brave men to be saved and meet the said characters and while I will burn in hell maybe they will just visit me once and tell me if the OT prophets are emotional wrecks or not.

God bless.


This was a rather puzzling rant.

Yes. Spiritual deception has always been an issue. ?


By design?
That’s implying a motive. Do you have a source or link with evidence that this is what is intended?


Please forgive my emotional winter.
But I simply don’t know how to rephrase what I said. This is my answer to the OP.


Yes. Education… Research. And application. Of individuals


A link, please. …

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