Non-Catholics: What would you do?

To all non catholic christians: What would you do if your church decided to unite with the RCC? I know its not likely in many groups, but still.

I would withdraw as a member and find another church.

That would be a ‘miracle’ indeed.:slight_smile:

Give thanks to God for making my life easier.

Unfortunately, God has shown no desire to make my life easier in this way (and yes, that may be a problem of human free will–i.e., God isn’t going to coerce my fellow Anglicans, including my bishop, my priest, and my wife–the three Anglicans to whom I am most closely bound–into doing what I think they should do. . . . ). So I guess I’m going to have to do it on my own, though with many misgivings. (Last time I attended RCIA–13 years ago–I didn’t make it through. . . but that was a long time ago under different circumstances.)


I wish you luck and will say a prayer for your success this time around. I would also like to commend you for not taking the easy route in this. I hope that through your example your friends and family will come to follow in your footsteps.

I would give thanks that five hundred years of separation would be coming to an end.

Well it wouldnt be a reunion because they have never been together. and i would go right on as if nothing happened, the names and titles of organizations dont effect my faith. Ive done the whole catholic thing and at the moment i find no reason to go for round 2.

Hopefully ours wouldn’t and with the priest we got at the moment he definately wouldn’t so he would move on somewhere else rather than go to RCC as we had that little discussion per se back at advent when you guys changed the Missal. We been following the missal much to some of our discomfort for some of us. So when he came and asked us what we want, those of us who didn’t want the new missal said change. He did point out that if the parish wanted the new missal then they would have to accept the other strands to being Catholic too and he wouldn’t want that to happen as such though I think he may have been saying it to warn what could happen. Nothing against RCC as such just that I am not RCC and don’t want to pretend or play at being RCC when I am not. All or nothing for me and didn’t like the Missal etc anyway. It shook a few people that they thought everyone wanted the New Missal etc and being Catholic. Thankfully the Priest brought us back on track to the Anglican Service and yeh the new hymn book is a bit of a mistake because the paper is too thin and Kevin Meyhew group has altered a lot of the tunes etc At least, no offence here guys but at least we are no longer pretending or playing at being RCC when we are not! some picked and choose their own rules as such and strictly if really was in the RCC can’t even do that. When playing at it they can pretend as much as they want and ditch what they don’t like. With a heartfell thanks to this Priest for guiding us gently back on the Anglican Path. Like I say no offence to RCC but we are not as thus.

I’d be really torn because I like the Church building I go to which is in my home parish etc. But I probably stop going alltogether or pay lip service perhaps in that inward I know I am not Catholic but just go through the motions to worship God in a place always have done and if by chance it was our current priest he would know. But am pretty certain he wouldn’t go to RCC and find work elsewhere, he’d become a chaplin again somewhere… I’d be really stuck to what I do but in my heart I never be Catholic - again no offence

Buy a Rosary and learn to use it.

If the catholic church and the church I attend (Seventh Day Adventist) would unite and still be on grounds of the bible and would move forward to spreading the Word of God I would have no problem with it. I used to be catholic myself and just converted within the past year. Right now I just so dont see that happening though. This post isnt meant to bash catholics in anyway so if someone reads into it as me trying to do that I am not. I have a lot of catholic friends and my whole family for the most part is Catholic and I still keep in close contact with them and love them dearly so I wouldnt do that.

Yeah…If only we’d use the Bible :shrug::confused::mad:

Why are you not?

What vile heresy does Rome teach?

If none, why not swallow lesser considerations in the interests of unity?


Not terribly likely to happen, but I would listen to the reasons for joining with the RCC, pray about it, and consider my position. Not dissimilar to what I am doing now, tbh. I have learnt quite a bit about Catholicism lately, and know the CC considers itself to be the one, true Church of Christ. I think that claim is worthy of consideration. I am not, however, planning to become Catholic. There are two reasons for that. Firstly, I believe God has called me to the church I am in, and that that is where I am supposed to be. Secondly, there are Catholic doctrines I can’t at present accept because I don’t think they are right.

Be very surprised first off. Not sure I’d join with them since I just recently decided not to convert.

I’d enjoy greatly shortened Sunday meetings.

I would rejoice. Though if possible, I would still worship in my Lutheran chruch.

Unity is good, but if you feel your already in a valid church, switching to another valid church doesn’t aid unity - in my opinion, it’s only moving the chairs around.

I’d be extremely happy, but I doubt it will ever happen, haha

Yes, of course. If I were Orthodox I would not personally move, I think–though since that isn’t my circumstance I don’t have to deal with it.

But “valid” is a tricky term. I believe, and have believed for a long time, that union with Rome is essential to Christian unity. It’s not simply about Christians all being united with each other, but united with the covenantal center established by Our Lord. The Biblical pattern is that God makes covenants with individuals–Abraham, Moses, David–and that others are then expected to be in union with these individuals and/or their successors. I think that’s the best way to read Matt. 16.

So no, it’s not just moving the chairs around. I’ve told myself that for years, but I’ve never wholly believed it. The problem is that I have trouble saying that Anglicanism is invalid in the ways Rome says it is. Judging valid ordination is above my “pay grade,” I think, but I am sure that I have received grace in the Eucharist in Anglican churches. But that being said, I’m equally sure that Anglicanism is lacking something pretty fundamental when it comes to participating in the reality of the Catholic Church as defined in the Creeds.

I would much prefer to be part of a corporate reunion, but I can’t spend my life hoping for that to happen. That’s the main way in which the current direction of the Episcopal Church affects me. It’s not that I can’t be part of the Episcopal Church as currently constituted, but that its movement is clearly away from union with Rome.


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