Non-Catholics.. When is your Christmas over?

Catholics continue to celebrate Christmas until the Epiphany… which in the US is celebrated on Jan. 3 this year. Many of my non-Catholic, Evangelical friends have already stated they are “sooooooo DONE with Christmas.” The tree is tossed, the decorations are coming down… just curious how others view Christmas?

Are we done yet?

Hmmm We never started with it, we do not celebrate all that kind of holidays

That’s interesting. Is the third of January when they will change the altar back to the way it was again? I like it the way it is now. :o

I am so happy with Christmas that I vote we celebrate it until Lent~:thumbsup:

Well, you really don’t need a tree anyway, but I have a boxed table-top model from neiman-marcus that fits me just fine. But, seriously, it is Easter that we have always saw as our holiday.

We are almost finished celebrating Christmas, but we celebrate Jesus Our Savior every day, all year long.

:thumbsup: :smiley:

For Lutherans, Christmas begins on December 25 and goes for 12 days (“the Twelve Days of Christmas”). I hope there’s a sense in which it is eternal, of course, but the liturgical season and the specific emphasis on His Nativity is for those 12 days.


thanks Josiah… this is what I wondered… if other faiths also continue with Christmas? So do you continue to sing Christmas carols at church? During the 12 days? Do Lutherans celebrate Epiphany?

Yes. Too bad, in a way, because that gives us two Sundays for all those GREAT Christmas songs (well, and Christmas Eve and Christmas Day services). Lutherans are kinda of fussy about all this: Advent is for Advent, Epiphany is for Epiphany - Christmas is Christmas. We have the Advent wreath for Advent, then I helped some after the Christmas Eve service take that down and move the tree (which they already decorated but kept in another room) over into the chapel. Banners, colors, all that had to change before the 10:00 service the next day.

A blessed Christmas to you…


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Correct me if I’m wrong–doesn’t the Christmas season officially end with the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord (this year on January 10)? That’s when I usually take down all the Christmas decorations…

Yes, the Christmas season end on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord.

Jan 10 happens to be my birthday!:smiley:

I believe the Day of Epiphany is ALWAYS Jan 6th - the 12th day of Christmas. That’s when MY Christmas is over, anyway.

Opps! Is this true? I thought it ended with Epiphany? :o

I think that some of the non-catholic christians probably end their observance of the Christmas season with the Epiphany, but for us Catholics it goes until the Baptism of the Lord. As many of you are aware, in the U.S. the Epiphany is celebration on the Sunday between January 2 and 8, and the Baptism of the Lord is the following Sunday unless, January 7 or 8 is a Sunday and then the Baptism of the Lord is observed on Monday, January 8 or 9.

The Christmas Season is the shortest with Christmas day is a Monday, and the longest when its on a Tuesday.

So are we to leave our Christmas decoration up until then?

Well, my family has always 'taken Christmas down" on New Year’s Eve, so that we can face the new year with a clean start, a clean house and a new look on things.

Personally, I"ve always hated that.

You are giving me an excuse to leave everything UP for another week! Woohoo!

I’ll go for that.

The problem with me, though, is that we don’t happen to believe that Christ was born on Christmas–so for us there is no religious reason to hang on to the decorations, except for the spirit of the time of year, and the pure enjoyment of the season.


ON the other hand, we “put Christmas up” right after Thanksgiving, and a month of Christmas trees and holly is a lot of Christmas trees and holly.

Take down your personal decorations whenever you please. I’ll probably keep mine up until the Baptism of the Lord.

We could take them down:
December 26;
After the Octave Day of Christmas - January 1;
After the Epiphany - 12 Days of Christmas, January 6 traditionally (my birthday!) which this year in the US is Sunday, January 3. (Wish it was still Jan. 6!);
After the Baptism of the Lord, this year on Sunday, January 10 - the official end of the Christmas Season for Catholics of the Roman/Latin Rite;
Or the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord on February 2 - another traditional date for the end of Christmastide (but well within Ordinary Time in the current Roman calendar).

It’s a complicated season! But quite short compared to the Easter Season unless you go to the Presentation.


You beat me to it!
I was wondering the exact same thing and was about to ask the same question.
(Fortunately I checked out the threads already active in this forum first.)

Growing up Anglican we always celebrated until Epiphany – January 6th. (I still tend to follow the old calendar for much of the year. Churches celebrating the Traditional Latin Mass, from my experience, still follow the old calender of feasts. So I still consider Jan 6 as Epiphany (my birthday :)) ).

So I’ll repeat/reword your question:
How many denominations continue to celebrate Christmas at least for the octave?
(ie, singing carols at each service, keeping up the tree and decorations (at least in the church.)
Also, how many put off celebrating Christmas until Christmas Eve?

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