Non-Catholics: Why Don't You Reference the Catechism of the Catholic Church?


Given the ready availability of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which details what the Church teaches and is widely available online, why don’t non-Catholics use this resource to understand what Catholics believe?

Here is a link:

It is a mystery to me why so many who argue against Catholic teaching don’t leverage the compendium of it in forming their arguments more often.


When somebody posts a typical anti-Catholic claim regarding Catholic teaching, it can be interesting to simply ask them to point out where that claim is taught in the Catechism. What follows is either silence, obfuscation, or (in those lucky cases) a fruitful discussion about actual Catholic teaching.


I’ve often heard the Catholicism is the most misunderstood religion. And most of the Protestants i know, don’t really understand anything the Catholic Church teaches. They just see it as an archaic religion with no basis. But if their churches actually informed their members about the Catholic Church, how can the protestant church present itself as teaching/believing correctly? It is to a chruch’s advantage to leave their member’s ignorant.

On topic, most Catholic’s themselves do not peruse the Catechism. It is not a fun or entertaining read. When Anti-Catholics or Non-Catholics make statements, they can get away with false and ignorant claims because most Non-Catholics will assume they’re properly supported. So there is ignorance on both sides of the article. At the same time, these articles reinforce misconceptions of the Church to Non-Catholics and can also shake the faith of ignorant Catholics.

Any argument made against the Church isn’t directed at the faithful. It’s directed at the ignorant, both Catholic and Non-Catholic.

Also, when you think 2+2=5, it’s nice if people agree with you, wrong or not.


I found the Catechism much easier to read than the Bible, but I might be alone there. As an aid to someone considering conversion and who wants to know what the Church teaches, it was absolutely indispensable.

It is certainly a shame that more Catholics don’t avail themselves of it—it is also a nice protection from the occasional stray priest or bishop’s “eccentric” teaching.

I can see how lay Protestants wouldn’t necessarily be exposed to the Catechism, but certainly clergy read widely enough to come across it. One would hope Christian pastors would refrain from spreading ignorance and lies—there is plenty in what Catholics DO teach for Protestants to argue about; why resort to fabrications and distortions?

It is ultimately counterproductive, too—my wife was absolutely furious when she found out her Pentecostal pastor had lied baldly about the Catholic Church. Even had she not converted to Catholicism, she would never have gone back to the Pentecostal Church under any circumstances.

And in this day and age where reliable information is a click away, these kind of lies will come to light.


I do all the time.

It is a mystery to me why so many who argue against Catholic teaching don’t leverage the compendium of it in forming their arguments more often.

The problem is that the newest Catechism is just one in a line of others and is only a fallible document. It will be replaced as the one following it will also be replaced. It is not the source of Catholic teaching, but is only a summary.

The sources of Catholic teaching are the supposedly infallible Papal pronouncements and Ecumenical Councils.




Because I had never heard of it until now.



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