Non-Christian Houses Of Worship You've Visited

I’ve only been inside a Hindu temple (twice) and the people were very nice. I’ve been invited to a Mosque by both an Arab and a Bosnian, but never went.

Buddhist temples

Buddhist, a lot of times when I was living and working in Hong Kong over a decade ago.

Been to several Buddhist temples and meeting houses.

Been to several Wiccan circles…couple outdoors and a couple at homes.

Been to a Mosque once.

Been to a Synagouge once.

I have been to a Buddhist temple on a couple of different occasions. Not a church, but a very reverent place.

Mormon and Jehovah’s Witness. Of course to be fair I was a Mormon.

I have been to a number of Jewish sinague services and felt very comfortable

I’ve been in a synagogue once for a barmitzfa

I have been to three different Jewish Temples (cant spell the word beggining with “s”") and two Mormon ward chapels.

Around here places that are non Christian churches are scarce.

Have any ex-mormons been in a temple?

Grew up outside of Chicago, so been to Mosques and several Islamic prayer services conducted in other places.

Visited a Buddhist temple once and a Mormon service once…

Besides churches, the only religious edifices I’ve entered have been Muslim Mosques, Buddhist Temples, and Sikh Gurdwaras. I’m actually surprised that I’ve never been to a Synagogue before.

EDIT: I didn’t know we were including quasi-Christian places of worship too. In that case I’ve been in dozens of LDS meetinghouses, 3 undedicated LDS temples, and 2 dedicated LDS temples. I’ve also been inside both RLDS temples (Kirtland, OH and Independence, MO).

[list]*]Jewish synagogues.
*]Mormon ward chapels. (Ignoring that they think they’re christians.)
*]Ba’hai local facility.
]Buddhist temple (local).
]two ashrams[list]]One is traditional hindu
]One is yogic hindu - but considers yoga to be complimentary to other religions and teaches yogic practice to non-hindus.[/list]
*]Local mosque - but we were not permitted in the mosque proper, tho’ we were permitted to look in, due to construction in progress.
*]local universalist unitarian parish.
*]Some native american ritual space


And it’s not in my long-term or short-term plans. :smiley:

It’s pretty telling that I can only remember going to one place of worship during my whole time at school, and it was a Sikh gurdwara. I’ve also been to a few parishes within my own Church where what is taught from the pulpit could barely be described as Christianity, but let’s not get into that…

We have a huge Hindu temple here in Lilburn Georgia. It was quite beautiful. I have done research on Buddhism and Islam but there arent many of them close by.

Buddhist temple which I found beautiful, tranquil and peaceful and many wiccan circles, chanting, rituals and spells all performed. Drum circle…does that count, worshipping of the native american ‘spirits’, also very lovely.:slight_smile:

Let’s see . . . the Baha’i facility in Chicago (back when I was a Baha’i), a synagogue in Indianapolis (as a paid musician, for a music festival), and a several mosques in Istanbul Washington, D.C., Damascus, and Cairo. The most impressive was Cairo’s al-Azhar Mosque. In the middle of an absolutely filthy city, the al-Azhar was so clean you could eat off the floor.

Edit: Oh, and a number of Shinto shrines, when we were living in Japan.

Almost forgot I was also in a Bahai temple. Also tried to get into the synagogue a stone’s throw from Obama’s Chicago residence, but it was locked. My only reason for ever going into non-Christian houses of worship would be for architectural and not ecumenical reasons.

Does attending two or three Native American Pow Woos at a locil mall count?:slight_smile:

Gee…being a Baha’i I’ve visited the House of Worship in Wilmette, Ill…I remember my first time. I was travelling north in the “L” train from downtown Chicago. Saw a lot of gulls making a circuit around the dome of the Temple…beautiful.

The Al Jazzar Mosque in Akka… this was one of the more impressive mosques I’ve visited…

The Vedanta Center in Hollywood ran by the Ramakrishna Order…Sri Lakshmi Narayan Temple in Riverside, Ca. and a few others…

A Buddhist Center near Idylwild, Ca.

A Reformed Synagogue Emanu El in San Bernardino.

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