Non-Christian Miracles

Recently,I have stumbled upon information about non-Christian miracles.

Basically,I have found there are miracles such as the alleged miracle of the Red Heifer or the miracle of the Zamzam’s waters and many others.

Upon further reading,I found out that there is such a thing as Muslim water wells that are used for healings.

For example,I have specifically come across cases such as that of a Yemenite woman, Yusria Abdel Rahman al Harazi,who suffered an infection in her eye that led doctors to conclude she was going to lose her eyesight.She went on a Muslim pilgrimage in 2005 to the Zamzam’s waters,and a few hours later the infection was completely gone.

She wasn’t just cured after the event,but directly after the event.The cure seems to be specially related to the Zamzam’s waters.

One that is more troubling is another case,that of Leila Laulou.

She says she also went to Zamzam’s waters and got healed.Her healing didn’t last long and she soon got sick again.

But later,she actually had a dream in which Muhammad healed her in her sleep.And indeed after she woke up,she was healed.

She wrote a book about it called Fala Tansa Allah.The book also contains statements from doctors and physicians confirming her statements.

There are also some healings from Mashad and even from Shinto shrines as well.

There are also other mysterious claims such as the alleged miracle of an actual modern new Red Heifer,that Jews hail as a sign that the end times for them are coming.Consider that a Red Heifer wasn’t actually born since the fall of the Jewish Temple.

And many other miracles from other parts of the world.

I really do not know what to think about these,and some of these actually trouble me.I would be glad if anyone could actually explain these somehow.

Christ never said that only His followers would do miracles. There will be false messiahs performing false miracles. They may look real, but consider the source. I can’t remember the exact materials, but I think the Baptist Churches were big on this at one time. They may still have that stuff. I mean, about miracles performed by those who don’t follow Christ. They do so to lure people away from God, even if they say they aren’t. False prophets. And remember the words Christ spoke about the final judgment. Some will say, “Lord, Lord, have we not healed in your name?” But their emphasis is on what “we” did in His name. The emphasis should be on what HE did for us. Benny Hinn comes to mind. And I’m sure there are others as well.

I don’t know why this would bother you. God is in charge of His miracles and can perform them, or not, at His will. Just because someone is not Catholic, does not mean he is not worthy of God’s mercy and healing.

In the story of the Exodus you will find Pharao’s court officials performing miracles to rival moses at first.

Do you have sources for these events? There are after all plenty of Christian miracles that turn out to be fraudulent or mistaken. It all depends on the evidence.

They could have been sleight of hand magician tricks, or (ugh) from the evil one.

I agree. God honors faith.

They may not understand that the Catholic Church contains the fullness of what Jesus taught, but they love and obey Him.

G-d can heal anyone, whether or not the person is Christian, if He chooses to do so. Just as bad things happen to all people, so too can miracles.

Judaism does not put too much stock into miracles, certainly not as a definitive sign that Jews are the only ones whom G-d favors or as a sign that the Jewish religion is superior to other religions. Given the history of the Jewish people, it would be a sad tale if the religion depended primarily on such. One of the greatest miracles, however, is that the Jewish people still exist.

They are false miracles from a demonic origin. Designed to mimic Gods miracles, the Islamic healing well sounds like Our Lady of Lourdes…

False prophets can do false miracles, somebody mentioned Pharaoh’s court. And beyond that, in the Book of Revelation, the second beast called down fire and lighting.

The question brings to mind this saying of our Lord from Mathew 5-

“Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Heavenly Father, for he makes the sun rise on the bad and the good, and causes rain to fall on the just and the unjust.”

Seems to me he would also allow miracles to occur on the just and the unjust? Christian and non-Christian? Sometimes it’s a miracle that draws someone to the Church and to Christ.

The evil one can inflict harm on someone like a disease and then retract it, making it look like a miracle. Only God can create, like at Lourdes if I remember correctly there was 1-2 women who had something wrong with their skin and when they were healed they had healthy new skin. The evil one cannot create

If a red heifer had been born in fairly recent times, Id think with everyone having cell phones, somehow the image would have gotten out…right? Id like to see sources for this too, Im going to look online a little bit for this.

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