Non-Christian Religions


With me being a non-denominational Christian, is it wrong of me to believe that you don’t have to be a particular religion in order to get into heaven? Is it more important to have a strong and pure relationship with God rather than what religion you practice.


By religion do you mean Islam or Mormon? Jehovahs Witness or Buddhism? Or are you meaning denominations? One of the 10,000 Protestant denominations or Roman Catholic/Eastern Orthodox?

There is one way to get to heaven and that is through Jesus Christ our Savior. :smiley:


The only way to have a strong and pure relationship with God is to profess the one true religion (Catholic Christianity)–of course, professing the true religion doesn’t guarantee such a relationship automatically. Likewise, if someone truly desires to have a such a relationship, and through no fault of their own they embrace various errors or a false religion altogether, they have an implicit faith in Jesus and may be saved.


Welcome to the Forum Aries! If you dont mind I have a question for you. Isn’t being a non denominational Christian really just being in another denomination?

Now for your question, what do you mean by religion? Are you perhaps interchanging religion with denomination?


I mean non-Christian religions as in Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, Judaism etc. Out of curiosity, are you open to these religions? What I mean by open is, have you immersed yourself into learning and understanding these religions? How open are you?


I am not an expert on any of the listed religions. I have an interest in examining other faiths and have done so as time permits. I am personally not open to any of those listed based on my examination of their histories and the basic tenets held by the members. None of these faiths have Jesus Christ. They have their prophets, but none of them claimed to be the Son of God and equal in being with the Father. Moreover, only Jesus worked the miracles that attest to his claims, and only Jesus rose from the dead. In short none of them have the savior.

This is not to say that members of these faiths cannot be saved. Their salvation, however, is only wrought by the merits of Jesus sacrifice on the cross. God’s infinite mercy and justice overcomes all obstacles. Those that are invincibly ignorant will not be held accountable for that which they have no understanding.


Other religions have their own gods and demi gods of which some have resurrections. Other religions also claim miracles through their gods and beliefs as well.

As for a son or children of gods, there are again other examples of children fathered or mothered by gods…even virgin births.



Thanks for answering my question. Have you read Dominus Jesus? If you haven’t I encouraged you to read it. It definitely helped me understand why Jesus is the way. If you’re still up to it, I also encourage you to expand your interest in knowing and understanding other world religions. To me, learning about religions helps grow my relationship with God because it’s proof that He exists. I think the problem I have with my church is that they’re not open with other religions, and that’s why they’re strugglin’ with my faith.


That’s a pretty cool Catholic document you’ve read. What other Catholic stuff have you read? Have you seen the Catechism at all?

As for non-Christian religions, the only one I’ve really had any time for is Islam. I’ve tried learning some things about it, but the fundamental flaw as I see it is that they believe God transcends reason. This is completely alien from everything I believe about God. Of course, that isn’t to say that I’ve just proved that Islam is wrong - maybe my idea of God is wrong. However, for me, the falsity of other religions is evident in the truth of the Catholic Church.


That’s the only Catholic document that I have read so far, but enlightened me on the Catechism.

I encourage you to still expand your learning about Islam. Do you have friends who are Muslim? Have you been to a mosque and asked questions about the religion? You should def do that.


Sorry, was that a request? If so, you can have a look at the Catechism here. Basically, the Catechism of the Catholic Church is a reference book used for the teaching of Catholic doctrine. If you have a question about what the Church teaches on a particular issue, then this will usually be your first port-of-call (other than the Bible and prayer of course!).

I encourage you to still expand your learning about Islam. Do you have friends who are Muslim? Have you been to a mosque and asked questions about the religion? You should def do that.

I have one friend where I live that is Muslim, but I don’t think he’s very devout. I lived in California for a year, and studied at UC, Berkeley. While I was there, I took a class taught by students called Politics, Culture and Islam. I also had several Muslims friends there. The class was very interesting, particularly as I was taking it in the fall semester of 2001… Anyway, I’m very open about learning more about Islam, as I am about most other religions too. I suppose I put more of my efforts into learning about my own religion first, but I am definitely open about learning of these other religions. Judaism is another religion that interests me a lot, but I know next to nothing about Judaism!


Many non Christian religions don’t have a concept of needing to be “saved” the way that Christians do. The emphasis of those faiths and how they relate to the Divine is very different.

I think often that is what causes a block between interfaith dialogue. It can be hard to conceive a totally different type of relationship with the Divine, and sometimes it is hard to get past that and have meaningful dialogue. It is as if the participants keep talking past one another, because they don’t first understand the basic tennants of the faith they are discussing.

Sometimes it is almost as if people are speaking different languages, because of the way they use terms,and what they understand those terms to mean.



Islam to a Christian cannot be from God. Not everyone who pretends to be a prophet is one. In Islam, Jesus is completely alien to the Jesus of Christianity. In Christianity, Jesus was crucified. In Islam, Jesus was not crucified, but only his appearance, a la Gnostic. Islam is not from God since God does not lie about Jesus, nor would God quote Gnostic gospels. So i don’t see how one can study a religion which is not from God, yet benefit from it regarding God. On the other hand, one can study Judaism to understand the basis of Christianity and to understand how God dealt with His people and His plan for salvation.


Def a good idea to know and understand your religion first and then go, learn, and understand other people’s religions. What religion do you practice?


I’m ok with it.


Ever read the book “how to be a Christian without being religious”? This little book came out in the 60’s encouraging people to be unreligious. It became a nasty word - “religious”


Pagan Soul;

You list under the heading of ‘religion’ that you are a pagan.

Isn’t that an oxymoron? Sort of like listing your political affiliation as ‘Anarchist?’


Yes, it is wrong. There is ONE truth. You may believe you have that one truth but usually that knowledge comes not from the Holy Spirit but from your personal opinion. The knowledge that one knows the true religion comes from the Holy Spirit. Many say that the Holy Spirit is guiding them but it is more likely it is their own opinion that is doing the guiding. The only way to know the true Church is to follow the Holy Spirit and the Holy Spirit was guaranteed to the Catholic Church. There was never any guarantee that a single individual would have the knowledge and assurance of the Holy Spirit.

"Be not deceived, my brethren: If anyone follows a maker of schism , he does not inherit the kingdom of God; if anyone walks in strange doctrine , he has no part in the passion [of Christ]. Take care, then, to use one Eucharist, so that whatever you do, you do according to God: For there is one flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ, and one cup in the union of his blood; one altar, as there is one bishop, with the presbytery and my fellow servants, the deacons" (Letter to the Philadelphians 3:3–4:1 [A.D. 110]).


Its Wrong for Me, that is for sure. For you, I wont be the one dishing out the punishment will I? so I dont know. Assuming there even would be a punishment at all. I mean each persons circumstance is different.

Were you ever a Catholic?
If so, were you properly catechised?
IF you left the Church did you do it because-

  1. you were breaking a rule
  2. you were ignorant about a teaching and needed help getting it but you never sought to get guidance?
  3. I think my list could go on for days you get the point.

(as I scribble the answers to the questions in my pad all the while asking you how did you feel about it and then make notes to the side: projecting… consider meds, alternative therapies…)

What led you to read the Catholic document on Christ?


Hi Aries

You as a Christian, you would know that Heaven door are open to all Christ believers. Of course we have great respect to those who practise other religion, whether they would go heaven, we don’t have to answer for them, our duty is to share our Gospel to them and pray that one of this day they can have their salvation as well. One thing we have to learn is to have religion tolerance to those who don’t share the same believes as us. As an Asian growing up with friends whom are Hindus, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist. Shik…etc, i have being taught to respect one another…Just like if i’m out for dinner/lunch with Muslim friends, i will go to places where they serve halal food or halal restuarant…etc…etc…i will follow my parent whom practise Taoism/buddhism to pay respect to my grandparents (just that i don’t hold the joss stick and eat the food they offered to the dead) and my parent will set aside a portion of the food(that are not offered to their God) just for me since they know i can’t take that…etc…etc…and they begin to show respect to what i believe…

I believe you are someone whom really have a pure heart that serve Jesus and from your statement you are someone who demonstrate a great tolerance to non believer, however i encourage to spread the words and bring those unchurch to church, help God to win souls…I’m sure you will also be glad to hear God praise you for helping you to win lose soul right!!:smiley:

So good luck to you and God bless

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