Non-custodial daughter


I had a daughter out of wedlock when I was younger. I only get her every other weekend and every Wednesday during the school year (plus half the summer, one week on/one week off).

I am raising her Catholic. She was baptized and had her first communion (all with the mother's blessing/encouragement).

Her mother, however, is not Catholic. I think she is Methodist and takes her to church on her weekends. They are quite active in their church and my daughter likes it a lot.

What, if anything, should I do in this situation. Is it a problem for her to go to a Methodist church one week, than Catholic the next?

She asked this week why at Catholic Church we go to communion every week and at her Mom's church they only do it once in a while. I explained the differences in our beliefs and that someday she would have to decide what she believes is right.

She is 10 years old


I feel you are handling this the best you know how, but your ex did agree to raise your daughter Catholic, so I would make sure she is raised REALLY Catholic, knowing all the Catechism etc.
This must be a tough situation. God bless you.


Someday is not too far off. Confirmation, used to be 4th grade, now 8th? I would ask a Priest about it. People who are not Catholic, but Christian, have an attitude about Communion. The Real Presence is very important to us. I would suggest taking her to Holy Hour Adoration. I know a mother who brought her 2 teenage daughters with her to holy hour, at 8 pm, for the period of time she signed up for. Sign up, and ask her to come with you. I agree that she is still young for that, maybe. Perhaps there is a way to do that as the Pope thinks it is a wonderful prayer experience. Undoubtedly she will notice changes in her life, or in those she prays for.


I think you're doing a good job. Unfortunately you don't have control over what your ex does when your daughter is with her. Just stay positive and explaining things when she has questions.


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