Non decet in ecclesia plaudare!

What is your opinion of clapping in church? as for me, the title adequately states my feelings.

Mihi videtur tempora propria esse.


I actually took this up with my priest once, saying that Pope Benedict disapproves. He answered that if it happens, it happens.:shrug:

The moment you reduce the mass to entertainment, it fails in comparison to tv, movies, internet, etc. Without God involved, there is no purpose. I don’t know much Latin :smiley: but I completely agree.

(ps… decet means what?)

It’s also a cultural thing–if after a speaker makes announcement during Mass then it is cultural for us to respond with clapping.

St. John Chrysostom and St. Augustine refer to people applauding during their sermons.

There are good reasons not to do it, but in most cases it is simply an attempt on the part of the clappers to be polite, or express appreciation or warm feelings. Clapping does not always imply entertainment either - after all everyone claps after an Oscar speech, which is surely one of the least entertaining things in existence.

Part of the problem can be having items like announcements included within the service which should not be.

Clapping is not only done for enterainment purposes.

No clapping.

When Louis XVI was crowned King of France, doves were released and the people shouted Vivat le Rex in the cathedral. Was this wrong?

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