Non-Denom. Experience & Spiritual Peril


I have a confession to make…back in 2008, before I became Catholic, when I was at what has so far been the lowest point in my life, I went with a friend of mine to a non-denom…I don’t know what to call it exactly…a ceremony, perhaps? Basically it was what appeared to be the laying on of hands and receiving the Holy Spirit. I was uncertain at this point about what I believed but I wanted to support my friend and was undeniably curious. So I received Him (or…possibly “Him”) too. And, yes, I did “speak in tongues” as well.

I didn’t think too much of it, despite being slightly uneasy about the whole experience which was the beginning of my taking all things spiritual much more seriously. The person involved, who was the leader of a number of folks who professed themselves as non-denom. Christians, said a few things that made me uncomfortable, like about seeing future successes, spouses, paths, and being able to “see” anyone who’d been through the ceremony (he may even be reading this now…it’s really made me feel extremely uneasy ever since).

About a year later, I started RCIA and entered the Church the following spring. At that point, I thought that I was somehow protected from anything about this experience that may have been damaging or detrimental. I kept my distance from the person in question and the group, but my friend is still in contact with him to this day.

Years later, and pretty much everything that the person predicted has manifested in my friend’s life and continues to manifest. While I never sought out these kinds of predictions, as they did and still just don’t sit right with me…my life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses over the past almost a decade now. Financial struggles, career struggles, a complete lack of serious relationships, and living in near-perpetual isolation. While there have been some blessings, such as travel, improved family relationships, and just general spiritual growth…I have recently started to wonder…should I be concerned about the influence that participating in this ceremony may be having on my life? Should I seek out a priest or perhaps even an exorcist? Has anyone else dealt with anything remotely similar to this kind of situation?

When I typed out the title of this post, I even accidentally wrote “non-demon” (and did it again when I tried to write about it in the post…multiple times)! :open_mouth: I feel a lot better even just having typed this out now…I’ve never told anyone about it and the only person who knows is my friend who was there and maybe some other friends who have been involved at some point.

I hope that someone can help…I’ve been living in a low-grade form of terror for several years because of this and only recently did it finally click that there may be something demonic going on…


I know a person, X, who was discerning a vocation.

Anyhow, during this time, X’s path crossed with someone who did have a case of a Bad Something going on in their life. This person with the trouble needed help, and went to Y for help, and Y brought X along for the experience.

Anyhow, one of the big rules seemed to be, “If you’re not sure what someone’s got going on, it’s a bad idea to touch them/have physical contact with them.” I think it might have been that X wanted to give the person a blessing, or a reassurance, or something, and being a layperson, didn’t have the (right kind?) of blessing to give… I don’t know. I only got the story through X, and it was a long time ago. And I don’t really know what the theory behind it is, but just kind of self-interpret it as sort of a contagion issue, perhaps?

But the general rule of thumb is, there’s plenty in the world that’s spiritual, that isn’t necessarily good/from God. And we’re so limited by our senses, it can be hard to tell the difference between something actively good, something actively bad, and something nonexistent. :slight_smile:

You might try a website like this one, and see if any of the prayers there seems to resonate with your situation.


This is also practiced within Catholicism. It is called “baptism in the Holy Spirit”, within the Catholic Charismatic Renewal. It needs to be properly understood, and usually in the Catholic Church there are formation classes given before one is allowed to participate. Many “rest in the Spirit” (appear to fall asleep) or receive the gift of Tongues (which is often more of a sign of self-surrender to the Holy Spirit than actual angelic tongues, although God can use people open to this gift to convey messages).

Some do receive an authentic gift of prophecy. I have heard and witnessed some powerful signs of God’s work in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

So I would not worry too much.

Also do you suffer from scruples? This sounds more like scrupulosity than demonic obsession. I would discuss it with a mental health counselor (a Catholic one if available) before even considering talking to a priest. Or discuss it with a priest, but many priests are not formed for spiritual direction or may not be knowledgeable on the Charismatic Renewal.

Perhaps consider looking up where the local Catholic Charismatics meet and go to their meeting. You will be in a safe environment and realize that those unfamiliar things are actually closer to home than you ever thought. This may ease your fears.


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