Non-denom Gay exorcism causes scandal in gay community

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WPIX) - A video which shows an exorcism of a teen to drive out apparent “homosexual demons” has sparked outrage among several gay rights activists.

The video, which was posted on YouTube, features church elders from the Manifested Glory Ministries Church in Bridgeport performing the exorcism on the 16-year-old boy.

“Right now I command you to leave!” screamed one of the church leaders involved with the exorcism in the video.

The teenager is seen rolling around on the ground, moaning and screaming - at one point he even vomits.

Although it was never confirmed to be a gay exorcism, repeated references to the subject’s sexual orientation suggests it was.

“Right now in the name of Jesus, I call the homosexuality, right now in the name of Jesus,” a church elder is heard screaming to the teen.

It’s unclear when the 20 minute video was made or if the teen suffered any physically injuries from what appeared to be near seizures.

Meantime, advocacy groups for gay youths are calling the video abuse and want authorities to get involved.,0,7781915.story

Guess what?

It won’t work.

The article doesn’t say whether it was successful or not? Talk about lousy reporting.

Sounds like a hoax.

what do you mean? there hasn’t been any reporting on the results of the boy. Surprisingly there are allot of homosexuals that dislike their lifestyle and seek other forms of help so they can live normal lives.

I’m not so sure. Exorcisms among some of the more extreme non-denominational churches seem to occur with some frequency. I think what is unusual is that it was filmed and posted on YouTube.

I had a Pentecostal friend and there were “exorcisms” at nearly every church service. There were always nurses there to take care of the possessed or those who “caught the spirit”, there were buckets for the obligatory vomiting. Everything and I do mean everything was a demon or a bad spirit: sickness, alcoholism, homosexuality. I loved my friend, he’s since passed on, but I gave his church as much credibility as I would if I came across a group of cavemen throwing rocks at the sun.

I imagine this is sort of the same thing, the uneducated leading the ignorant and dragging us all intellectually back a couple of centuries.

When someone doesn’t have the sacraments and sacramentals and correct religious instruction, perhaps they have more problems with demons than Catholics? That isn’t meant to sound superior, but more of a ponder.

So maybe it isnt’ right to judge them as extreme. They might be living a different reality because of their rejection of some of the tools Jesus left us.:shrug:

Then again, I knew a prayerful Catholic who had anger problems. He read a protestant book on deliverance and only then became aware that he has to actually forgive those who’ve tormented him, and not just sort of think about forgiving them. The anger problems cleared dramatically. The Church teaches forgiveness, but he must have missed the lesson.

Demons are best left to the Winchester brothers.

bangs head on desk

This is so stupid, I can’t tell which side is dumber now.

More demons:

Questioning the denomination.

Considering Catholicism.

Considering most mainstreams branches of Christianity.

Video Games.

Considering Celibacy.


Rock music.

Not jumping for joy like a child on Christmas morning when handed a chore list (Children only)

Being Liberal.

Voting Democrat.


WOW… can they cast out the “eat too much” demons? I am in definite need of that. This is about crazy! It makes me wonder, did it work? I am going to think… no!

Revert TSIEG

  • Pray for those who have not yet found Him.- :thumbsup:

Casting out demons in Jesus’ name has a long pedigree. The apostles complained to Jesus that people who weren’t His followers were doing it. He said it was OK.

If that’s what these people are doing, good luck to them.

You can’t be serious. Do you know anything about the official Church teaching on exorcism? For one, only a priest can perform it and even he can’t do it without seeking permission first from the local bishop.

Furthermore, we also have to make intense investigations into possible psychological, medical, or scientific possibilities before delving into supernatural and paranormal ones. In the case of someone’s ‘gayness’? It’s ridiculous to assume that this is the work of a demon.

It’s the work of satan. Everyone knows that.:wink:

Careful, one of his agents might be reading this. His name’s Perez Hilton. :rolleyes:

Yes and in my opinion, such exorcisms are worthless. An exorcism can only be performed by a priest with valid holy orders.

Dear Kaninchen (“Little Kanin”):

Thank you for the Link the FLAME WARRIORS Website. I had an OLD link from when he had posted 6 of these - The only time I laugh this hard…

I think the DEMONS you’re referring to require the services & products of Israeli Military Industries - Uzis, Galils, Tavors, Negevs, etc…

There are other Demons that do require the services of exorcists - There may not be nearly as many as the Pentecostals like to think there are, but they do exist, and they can cause real harm.

Shabbat Shalom, Michael

It’s in the Bible in black and white. Look it up. Non-Christians can do exorcisms in Jesus’ name.

I would personally classify demons into two kinds: the fallen angels, and man’s interior passions; the latter being feelings you can’t control.

While you’d have to be an advanced psychic to know the exact cause of a person’s troubles, having an exorcism does no harm, unless it involves beating up the afflicted or berating them as a person. The latter occurs amongst ignorant people.

**We have the opposite problem in Catholicism, now. Priests are specifically mandated to cast out demons. Very, very few do so.

[Cynical thought] Want to wind up a liberal Catholic priest? Ask him to perform an exorcism. **

I’m sure the Devil is very glad we’re so advanced today we’d never think to eliminate the infernal as a cause of some people’s troubles.

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