Non-Denominational Protestant to Catholic?


For the people on here that converted from say, being a Non-Denominational Protestant to Catholicism, what is it or what are the things that caused your conversion? If there are people who did it the other way around, I’d be curious to read your responses as well :thumbsup:


For me, it was being a “church-hopper,” going from various churches trying to find one “closest” to the Bible, and discovering how wildly different they were in their interpretations of Scripture even though many said they taught “only” what was in the Bible. Also, being involved in interdenominational pro-life ministry and meeting Christians from various denominational backgrounds and wondering why we all loved and served the same Lord but couldn’t agree on what He taught? After all that I just didn’t have 100% assurance that everything I believed was true, which was very unsettling, and it seemed odd to me that God would leave us in such a predicament since He is Truth. From there it was simply a matter of studying history and learning that the Bible existed before the Church and the early Church was Catholic from the beginning and has always believed the same things. Like Cardinal John Henry Newman said, “To be deep in history is to cease to be Protestant” :slight_smile:


I know this is going to sound like a strange reason, but here goes:

I went into my first Mass and felt like I had come home.



For me it was reading C. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien. Lewis taught me to think and to ask questions that needed to be answered. And Tolkien showed me the heart of Catholicism. Of course, I struggled for years over the teachings of the Church before I accepted them, but those two authors were the biggest help and influence in my conversion to the Catholic Church.


I would like to read the things that caused conversion, and I am also curious if you were raised Non-Denominational Protestant or if you had become Non-Denominational Protestant when you were grown up (in other words, did you go from non-Christian to Non-Denominational Protestant to Catholic?).


I am Catholic…cradle Catholic, if you will. :slight_smile:


I remember about twenty years ago wondering which church to go to… thought maybe Joseph Smith had the right idea (though I had already rejected Mormonism) in praying to find the right church. Then I looked in the Encyclopedia to see what the beliefs of different churches were. Became Lutheran because they stressed “By grace are we saved by faith…” and I knew grace was the only reason I was a believer. Ok, also I had been baptized Lutheran as a baby.

I think it quite possible the Lord wanted me there at the time, because there I was reintroduced to Liturgy, and it was in a communion class there that I was introduced to any concept of Real Presence.

I met someone a few years ago who, while not saintly, you could tell his deep joy for the Lord. I wanted to see what his religion taught. Well, when I got to the teachings on the Eucharist, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that the Catholic Church was where I belonged, since that was where the Eucharist was.

I am so thankful each week when I can come to Mass. There is a joy there in my heart. I may look solemn on the outside, but inside it is sunshine.

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