Non-leather Monastic Diurnals?

I’ve been praying the LOBVM but looking around I am unsure if it is considered a liturgical prayer. The EF version of the Monastic/Benedictine Diurnal is as far as I can tell, and I’d like to buy one to replace the Little Office. I’m looking into the Monastic Office because I don’t want the order of the Psalms to change much, as I have to say it in Latin for it to be liturgical I rely on memorizing the meaning and I want the same Psalms in the same place generally for Prime and Compline especially. Are there any versions of the Diurnal that aren’t leather-bound that you know of?

Thank you and God bless

I don’t know if any. I have the Farnsborough, and while looking to purchase an MD there weren’t many choices out there.

However, the quality of it is superb. It’s about $70 on the FSSP site, and for a book that you’re going to be flipping through multiple times a day for many years, you’ll want something that’s going to hold up.


It’s not. It’s still fine to pray it though.

The Church in recent decades has tended to encourage more praying of the Divine Office aka LOTH, which is a liturgical prayer.

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