Non-Marian Apparitions?


I live in the Southwestern US and have heard a lot about the Virgin of Guadeloupe, and have heard of a few other Marian apparitions. Out of curiosity, are there are any Church-endorsed apparitions of any other saints? Of Christ?

No desire to get into (or start) an argument, just wondering. Thanks.



The visions of Our Lord Jesus Christ that St. Margaret Mary saw began the Sacred Heart Devotion. This was prior to St. Faustina’s visions, in the seventeenth century.


@love4christ911 Very interesting. I had never heard of this before. Thanks!

I clicked around the article, and learned about the Divine Mercy Devotion. I must say that this prayer in particular appeals to me: “Holy God, Holy Mighty One, Holy Immortal One, have mercy on us and on the whole world.”


I love this prayer. I find after praying this and a rosary I am mentally at ease. This prayer really makes me realize the importance of Jesus’ death on the cross. He died for us. <3


Our Lord Jesus and St. Therese, the Little Flower, appeared to Servant of God Rhoda Wise.


It is amazing to think about. What’s even more amazing to me is that Jesus’ death was voluntary. I think of it after every communion. That, and how absolutely nothing seems as scary after hearing “the body of Christ, given for you.” It’s like the whole universe falls into place. <3


Thanks! I used to live a few blocks away from a Catholic church and occasionally went there to pray. My favorite place to pray was next to a statue of what I now know to be the Sacred Heart. It was such a blessing to be able to have access to a church open on weekdays, and it prompted me to visit a mass for the first time.


Thanks. I will have to Google St. Therese, the Little Flower. What does “Servant of God” mean in this context? Like a saint?


Yes, it means her cause for canonization is open and they’re investigating her life. She was an amazing woman, a stigmatist, and a friend of Mother Angelica.

St. Therese is another dearly loved Saint.
I’d heartily recommend her diary. She was a young nun who cheerfully yielded her life in little ways of holiness for God.


Jesus and Joseph appeared at Fatima, 1917.

Joseph and John the Apostle appeared in Knock, Ireland in 1879:

Padre Pio mystically appeared to lots of people all over the world, both before and after his death.

In the 1600s, Venerable Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda would go into a trance and bi-locate from Spain to the American southwest and appeared to the Indians there:


Saint Joseph appeared, along with the Virgin Mary and the Lamb o f God, at Knock (Ireland, 1879).


Thank you so much for sharing that!


St. Michael the Archangel appeared to Servant of God Antonia d’Astonaco in 1751, and revealed to her a series of prayers to the nine choirs of angels (the Chaplet of St. Michael). The revelation and the Chaplet were approved in 1851.


Is it ok to post a link to another site dealing with approved apparitions?
Ok I guess yes.
These are non Marian approved I think


The Vatican has approved a few apparitions of Christ, including

  • Jesus’ appearance to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque in the 1600s (recognized by Pope Pius XI in 1928 in “Miserentissimus Redemptor”)
  • Jesus’ conversations with St. Teresa of Avila in the 1600s (recognized in her Vatican biography)
  • Jesus’ conversations with St. Faustina Kowalska in the early 1900s (recognized in her Vatican biography)

I would note that the approved Fatima apparitions of Mary were also preceded by several apparitions of an angel to the children.


St. John the Evangelist appeared there also with them. It was the entire extended Holy Family as St. John was adopted into it when Christ gave His Mother to John while on the Cross.


As much as I love both Rhoda Wise and Mother Angelica (I have been to the Rhoda Wise House, her grave, and her recent memorial Mass in Canton), it must be noted that the apparitions to Rhoda have not been officially approved by the Church and are probably a long way from being so approved.

I personally believe they were real, but my thinking so does not constitute “official Church approval”.

The Church has a pretty high bar for granting official approval to an apparition these days. In many cases, an apparition is “approved for faith expression” only, which means it’s okay to say the devotional prayers or visit the site, but the Church isn’t putting its stamp of approval on the apparition.


Servant of God Bartolomeo Simorili, CRM received apparitions of St. Michael the Archangel through a painting in the 17th century and conveyed to him knowledge of future earthquakes and plagues in Sicily. He also asked Bartolomeo to ask his superiors to appeal to him for intercession and that he joins our Lady in taking the Order under his protection.


You’re right. I just love her so much I wasn’t thinking of “official approval.” I should have mentioned that on my post.

However, I do think it is good to spread the word about Rhoda Wise so people can be praying for her canonization and/or visit her home. Part of the process is widespread devotion to her, right?

ETA: And I meant to include dear Mother Angelica along with Rhoda, so we can be praying for both of their causes.

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