Non-negotiable Catholic Issues

Okay, so here’s my question:

What is it that makes the five issues from the Voter’s Guide For Serious Catholics “non-negotiable?”

(the issues are: abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, cloning, and fetal stem-cells)

Is it because of the level of teaching that these are selected? Because they are intrinsic evils? What is it?

To me, this is a huge weakness in the guide. It seems like it doesn’t have a principled way to prefer these issues over others. It feels subjective and arbitrary. (Don’t get me wrong, I agree that these are the most important, I just want an explanation.)

Thanks and God bless,

To be listed in the Voter’s Guide for Serious Catholics an issue has to meet a number of criteria. Each issue must:

  1. involve something intrinsically evil/never permitted under any circumstances
  2. be something that is currently debated in U.S. politics
  3. be the subject of a strong statement from the Magisterium
  4. have or potentially have a major impact on society
    For more information see the Q&A on the Voter’s Guide.
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