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To anyone that can help or has advice.

I am a 20 year old Catholic and am the only one in my family that is active in the faith by going to Mass, receiving the Sacraments, spending time with church activities.

My family life is almost non existent. My parents are divorced and have been for the last 10 years. A family dinner at my parents house consist of take out and TV trays. I am the only one who says grace. I am growing in my faith but my home life seems to be holding me back. Maybe once a month am I able to get my mother to go to Mass with me, but I can really seem to get her motivated to be active in the Church.

Furthermore, I am moving 3000 miles away to finish college at a Catholic University in the August. While I know this will be a great asset to my own spiritual life, I worry about the spiritual life of my family. With out me around there will be know one try to bring them closer to God.

Does anyone have any advise? I seem to be at an end pass here with a loss of what to do.

Thank You and God Bless.


You just keep doing what you are doing-- being a great witness to them. When you are with them, say grace, go to Mass, invite them to join you, suggest cooking a meal together and sitting at the dinner table. If you have a good Catholic book offer to loan it to them. Give them Catholic sacramentals like medals, rosaries, etc. Have Masses said for their reversion to the faith.

You cannot make them change. You can pray for them and you can witness to them.


It is refreshing to hear this! There aren’t many people your age that can do this while there is absolutely no encouragement from the rest of the family.

You are planting seeds. Be an example to the rest of your family, and never stop asking them to go to Mass or a Church activity with you.

You can only do so much for your family. I live 1600 miles away from most of my family. It is much harder to be a good example to your family when your actions cannot be seen. The only thing I can recommend is prayer. Pray to the Holy Spirit and to your family’s guardian angels. Ask for their help in your family’s conversion.


Sorry for your sorrow and frustration.

I agree with two posters above. It is good for you to keep working on your own faith in case an opportunity to witness further arises in the future.


Oh, Grahamc, I feel your pain. :frowning: I’m a young Catholic too and my family is a lot like yours. They will go to Mass, but that’s about it. I feel a a bit lonely in my faith a lot of the time.

I don’t have great advice. Just keep doing what you’re doing and pray for them and live the best Catholic life you can. They’ll notice, and it might rub off on them.

God bless you,

:heart: Love is Patient


Like you, I am almost 20 years old, and the only fully practicing Catholic in my home. My parents are still together, but as a family we don’t really get along. It’s very tense here, and I worry that our home is spiritually sick (tried to get a priest to bless the house, but he never got back to us :confused: ).

Like you, I have wondered what moving out would do to my parent’s spiritual life. I don’t have much advise, just trying to make you feel a little less alone. :slight_smile: Perhaps you could look into praying for them using the green scapular? This is one thing I have thought of.

I am not on every day, but if you want to talk send me a PM and I’ll get back to you the next time I’m on.

God Bless! <><


My hat’s off to all of you! Please keep doing what you’re doing.


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