Non Practicing Person would like advice on finding something on reddit

I don’t believe it fits here cause it’s not so much a religious/faith then, but more of a what do I do and well, I only transfered it get more views.

I found this abortion post online; I feel like I have a responsibility to reach out, should I say something [even though I’m NOT and far from a state of grace], what do I say? Could you guys reach out?

Honestly more doing it for me to rest my anxiety which is connected to other things.

I don’t know how this works; would the poster actually see the comment on this different “unlocked bots” thread?
I definitely say go for it, but for the service of God over just appeasing anxiety. The comments on the original thread have made me very sad. I want to puke.

Oh no message, and no, I’m not doing for God, mostly for me, to appease my anxieties.

I don’t understand what you plan on doing. I have tried to see if I could message the girl some other way to save the poor child, but couldn’t find a way to do that.

I feel like you already know the answer to your question by the way you keep saying it’s basically only for your anxieties.

Do you want the users profile? I can get it for you I know how.
I posted it but on second thoughts I’ll remove it and if you want it pm me.

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Oh it’s like making a reddit account, try to find her account and reach out to her [this sounds really stalkish]?


It’s really easy. You just click on the profile. On Reddit, all your past posts are available. But there are none except the one…not very stalkery, to me.

But I feel like you already know the answer. You keep saying it’s just for your anxiety etc.

Pray, pray, pray! That’s my advice to you.

Prayer is far more convincing than words.

If you’re signed into reddit just click on the 3 dots top right of their profile and you’ll see options for start chat or message user.

What do I say though?

I don’t see that. Do you (you apparently know how this works)?

I don’t know what you’re supposed to be commenting on.

Nothing judgmental. But I’d point out the possibility of a great life for the child, understanding the great sacrifice she’d be making, pleading with her to think about it. That’s what I’d do.

Are you on android/apple/desktop?

android right now

Reddit app or just reddit site on your browser?

browser, not the app

Ah, ok. Bit more awkward that way but if you go on the user’s profile, then click on the little pencil icon top right, text, then in text click on “select community” and the most recently viewed profile will come up, click on it and send message.
Or else take a note of their username and click top right the three lines, go to your inbox and click the envelope on the top right to create message and enter their username in the there and message them.

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